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Ny Trade Schools

Thomas Said:

What is the most economical/ affordable, not overly difficult to get LPN certified around Albany, NY?

We Answered:

Northeast Health (Samaritan Hospital School of Nursing)…

Maria College

Edwin Said:

I want to be an A&R Coordinator at a record label,soo what would be my major? music business?...?

We Answered:

Howdy. Well, honestly the best background for becoming an A&R person will be your own personal experience and "great ears". No school classes will make you great at that type of gig. Just about any major you can dream up in school can be helpful for a career in music later in life. The most critical thing is getting internship experience, or creating a job for yourself somehow while in school. Work with bands, intern at a label, sign up for a street team. All of these things will help you get started and will teach you all the things that a class will not teach you. And that's coming from a former academic adviser and music business vet. Get out there on the streets and start hustlin' and you'll be amazed and what you can pull off.

For a list of schools that I'm beginning to review all over the country, you can check out:…

NYU is great. . .but remember, don't limit yourself to only music programs. A good degree and experience is key.


Alicia Said:

Diagnostic medical sonography trade school?

We Answered:

You just need to find a DMS program that's CAAHEP accredited, usually will be offered at a technical college:…

You actually want to be wary of "trade" schools because they often guarantee you can start a program soon and finish quickly - but they charge insane amounts of money and usually do not have good reputations in the ultrasound community (which could make it difficult to find a job).

Jeff Said:

Trade schools in New York!?!?

We Answered:

I think you're having trouble finding this because you really wouldn't go to a "trade school" to become a publicist.

Trade schools are where you go to learn a "trade" which is usually a manual skill like auto mechanics or air conditioner repair or plumbing or like that.

Since Public Relations isn't a manual skill, there's no "trade school" to go to to learn it.

Good luck, and the link below is to a webpage about "Where To Study Public Relations" that lists 297 schools that teach it...

Angela Said:

Is Machine and Metal Trades High School in Manhattan, NY still around. If so, where?

We Answered:

It is now Life Sciences Secondary School (E 96th St.):…

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