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Regional Vocational School

Samantha Said:

how much can i make in cosmetology?

We Answered:

It sounds like you aren't sure if this is a degree program that leads to licensure in your state or area? If you aren't licensed, you still may be able to get a position by going into salons, or looking at ads asking for cosmetologists and just telling the people what type of training you did in this vocational program. People who do piercings and things like that are often just trained on the jobs and probably some hair stylists and makeup artists are too so that might be a way.

Your income will depend on where you live and how much you work. It is more likely to be very low than anything else. If you live somewhere that is pretty rural, for example, you might not get very many clients in. If two people come in each day for a haircut and you charge $30 each, you'll be making over $400 a week but your booth rent might be over half of that.

I would consider something more stable where you know what your income will be such as a daycare worker, secretary etc. But, if it is your dream to go into this field, attend an accredited, well though of cosmetology program after you get your high school diploma. This vocational program will make your cosmetology degree easier because you will have some knowledge that others don't.

Kenneth Said:

!!!can you transfer from a vocational school (Everest) to a regional university as in UC school?!!!help!?

We Answered:

Your question must be answered by the admissions office of the school to which you are going to transfer. You are asking a general question "Will my credits transfer?" and the answer depends on the attitude of the college you are transferring to. Each college makes its own decisions about which credits it will accept, and from whom. The "a lot of folks" who are telling you about accreditation may or may not know what they are talking about. There are several kinds of accreditation, and the whole business can get really complicated. But the easiest way for you to figure out what is going on is to decide first on a specific list of schools which you are interested in transferring to, then communicate with the admissions office (or counseling office, if possible) of each one. Each college itself will be able to tell you the correct answer about your credit transfer. It's a lot of work, but any "general" response you get from people outside the system will be nothing more than a guess, and not worth your paying any attention to.

Perry Said:

Is it possible to weld different metals GTAW?

We Answered:

Yes. You are essentially melting the material together. I have tig welded Copper, Ti (not oxy/acetylene weldable), Silver, Gold, and Platinum. I have not done brass but I don't think that it would be impossible.

Naomi Said:

I can't seem to get a decent clerical/office job, what can I do?

We Answered:

Inivest in a really *really* sharp interview suit, one that is really well-made and *expensive*, and start aiming higher.

What you are looking for is an entry-level Administrative position that has the clerical duties on the side. Seriously. Straight up clerical work is harder to find because Temp Agencies are eating the market alive and driving both wages and job security down so low that most folks *won't hire* no matter how talented the prospect is....I learned that the hard way.

I also learned the hard way that in some offices, Experience equals kissingass. Pardon me if that is hard to read, you know how Yahoo is. But yeah, there are some places where you just *will not* be taken seriously or allowed to get a foot in the door unless you all but come in to the application process on your knees....

So it might also help to network more, contact more folks in jobs like what you are looking for--entry level Administrative with the clerical on the *side*, remember that, everyone could use a really *sharp* and competent assistant, contact more folks and find out if there are any places around that *have* some integrity left and aren't all about pecking orders and psycho-butt-munching. If you have to....stay in touch with folks who are stuck using the Temporary Agencies, use what they know as people at the *bottom of the food chain* to find out which prospective employers are worth a resume and which ones aren't.

I hope this works for sure didn't work for me but then again I came to the game late in life with fewer skills than what you have. Good luck to you and if you find any extra jobs, let us know!

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