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Secondary Vocational School

Audrey Said:

Is this life choice good/probable/ and reasonable after high school?

We Answered:

Think about Harvard extension school:

You can do most of the degree on-line while you roam around the world. Only 2 semesters need to actually be done at Harvard; and is is surprisingly cheap - only about $700 per subject or about $28,000 for the entire degree. My thumbs up to Harvard for making such a fine education affordable.


Cassandra Said:

Post Graduate Work Permit Refusal, Why? Please help?

We Answered:

So because you were issued a post grad work permit by mistake in 2000, you can't get another one now. I can understand immigrations point of view there. If they had refused your work permit back in 2000 because your school didn't qualify, you would have had the problem you are having now back then.

Get an immigration lawyer to help you out there. It will cost you but I don't think you will get anywhere with this yourself.

Ashley Said:

What are some educational and vocational opportunities for people with disabilities?

We Answered:

Voc rehab would be the place to start. They can help get a job or with any kind of school.

Pedro Said:

Urgent help needed! I really need help(correct answers) please?!??!?!?!?!?!!!?

We Answered:

just tell them why they should let you in what set you apart is it you drive your desire to succeed your need to flourish what do you bring to the table good grade great track record any extra curricular activities that show you care are you good at sport lay it out for them tell up whats up embellish the qualities you have never make them they 'll see right threw it remember they see hundreds of other applications from people trying to get in .

Amy Said:

Dividing charitable support?

We Answered:

I think the first option of the two is the best - whilst a vocational qualification is very useful for the smaller number, just finishing secondary school can be a big deal in the developing world (my own experience is in East Africa).

The more people who benefit the better - you are giving these children a real chance in life, and the more people you give a chance to the better. A good education is the best help one can give to a child I liked Lauren's comment about "paying it forward" - it is not just the individual who will benefit, but their families and countries. In many developing countries this is especially true for girls - which is why I applaud what Oprah Winfrey has done.

Another way to make the point is to compare the long-term difference Oprah has begun, compared with the fashion-accessory selfishness of Madonna.

Like PAM, I am a disappointed by the selfishness of the first answer - and even the fifth answer, while agreeing with my view, seems to be thinking a little too much of her own needs (the US is the richest country in the world - it should be able to look after its own people).

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