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Southern California Vocational Schools

Shawn Said:

what should i major in college to become a cop?

We Answered:

Choose Criminal Justice, Transfer (Transfer Major)), then for the educational goal question, it seems like you would want an option that says choose transfer to a 4-year institution with an associate degree. Even if that is not an option to click, I'm certain that is possible, but you might have to take a couple more classes. If that option is not available to click, just choose, transfer to a 4-year institution without an associate degree, and speak with an adviser as soon as you start classes to tell them that you also want the AS degree before you transfer. However, if you are certain that you will transfer, and earn your four year degree, then getting the two year degree first would probably not benefit you too much.

I commend you for attending college. It is one of the best things you can do if you want to become a police officer. Learn as much as you can, and earn the highest GPA that you can. Enjoy your time in college, but maintain a good reputation, and don't do anything that you would not want a background investigator to find out about. Good luck!

Valerie Said:

I have my AA degree. How do I become a Registered Nurse from here?

We Answered:

You have asked two different questions. A simple RN can be had in any number of hospital programs, and even some community colleges. They do not require many advanced courses and take about 2 years;l the emphasis is on clinical work. To get an RN you may have to add a Bio or Chem course, but that's about it. A simple RN is a dead-end spot, though, with limited responsibilities.

A BSN is academically and clinically more intense, and BSN's have more earning power, the right to add specialty certifications like anesthesiology, neonatal, ER, IC, and geriatric that will bring more money and responsibility, and better prospects for professional advancement. For example, a Nurse Practitioner does many things an MD does, such as write prescriptions. You have your GenEd courses in, but some may not apply to a nursing program and will need to add other basics such as Statistics. You will also need advanced chemistry, biochem, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, and so forth--a BSN is a genuine ACADEMIC degree. You can have the degree in as little as 2 years, maybe--3 if you go less than full-time.

Elsie Said:

Maximum limits of self-defense?

We Answered:

I would contact a school dean, princible, assistant princible, or the police that guards your school

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