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Tech Vocational School

Kathy Said:

What are the criterias to be hired as a Surgical Tech in most major hospitals?

We Answered:

I went through the Army reserves for my surg tech training and was in the same position. What you have to do to get your foot in the door is go to a county hospital or a teaching hospital ie where doctors do thier surgical residency. Most county hospitals pay isnt all that great..but you gain lots of experience. It is a all around learning environment so expect things in the room to take longer than if you were in a private hospital. You normally go through some kind of training with in that facility like double scrubb with a more experienced tech. Hope this is how I got my start...good luck!!!!

Rafael Said:

can i get a pell grant for a vocational school?

We Answered:

It depends. What you want to ask your school is if they receive "Title IV Government Funding." That is the official term for government financial aid, which includes the PELL Grant and Stafford Loan. In my experience, vocational schools usually do not qualify. But the only definitive way to be sure is to check with your school and ask them.

Shawn Said:

dental assistant, anyone go to school for it?

We Answered:

You also take a state test for the x-rays.

Everything is hands on - because every office runs its own way and the DDS/DMD likes things his way.

It won't hurt to know your way around the office with any class.

I think the only true class is for EFDA - where the assistant does more (with fillings, cleanings etc).

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