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Technical And Vocational Schools

Wallace Said:


We Answered:

Choose the school that will be beneficial to you, that you will never regret in the future. Follow your heart and mind.

Debbie Said:

Can I get a student loan if I am paying on one ?

We Answered:

Yes you can and if you are going back to school look into deferring your loan until you graduate you can still make payments when you defer it but if you one day you can't afford to make the payment that month or for awhile it will not affect your credit or your loan eligibility in the future

Donald Said:

I am teacher but some of my students smirk at me, how can I fight back?

We Answered:

As teachers we don't "fight" students; we teach them. Now, many (or maybe most) of us have had times when we didn't feel that we were connecting with all the students. I think you have to take a look at yourself and whether or not you are sending the right messages to this class. Most vo-tech students I've known are coming to school after working all day and take their education seriously. So, here are some questions for you:

Are you well -prepared for each class?

Are you business-like in your organization? Do you have a syllabus for the course? An agenda for each night you teach? Have you given out a point system for how you are grading them? (e.g. 50 pts. - Quz 1, 50 pts. Quiz 2, 75 pts. - paper, 100 pts. final exam) This sets a tone of seriousness about your course.

Have you told the students when they will have tests?

Do you talk to them as adults? You are an adult and you have to address them as adults.

Is the content engaging?

What strategies are you using? Are you just lecturing or are you having them do group work or work in pairs at times? Are you using visual aids? Power Point? Slides?

Do you sound confident? Practice in front of a mirror at home. Remember a teacher whom you really respect. Try to emulate that person to a degree.

Since I don't know the course you're teaching I cannot help you beyond giving you the ideas above which have worked for me.

Gene Said:

help!!!!! i need some to proofread my essay!!!!?

We Answered:

The Battle of Sexes
Society plays ( a) major role that influences the views of young adults towards their lives. One of the key impacts in the societal influences (is ) on the perceptions that men and women have in determining their roles in society. Men and women are both driven by similar motivations, but differ in their approaches and level of importance to love, money and careers.
First at all, love is one of the motivations that both males and females desire, but have different approach (es ) to express love. Love, FROM my personal view is the strongest emotion that a person can have to express to a love (d) one and change the way one views the world. Most of young male adults don’t want a serious relationship because they are afraid to commit to one person for a long period of time. The term “love” for men usually means sex in their manly minds. “Men view sex as the true expression of love and usually think a relationship hasn’t even started until it includes sex” (King). Society today has change( ed ) the way males think about love. “A male thinks about sex every seven seconds on average” (King). One of the weaknesses for men is that they don’t know the differences between sex and love. They also can’t express love as women do. On the other hand, love is a big deal for women. Most of the women want a serious relationship. Women are very emotional and sentimental . They want the emotional and physical connection among the opposite sex. When women think about love, they mostly think about the chemistry between two people who care deeply and (the )impact( on ) one’s life. Most of the young adults today are usually looking for a future husband beside focusing on their careers.
Secondly, money is another similar motivation that men and women have alike, but have different ways ( of ) spend ( ing ) their income. Both young men and women adults spend some of the money on necessary items such as car payment, food, utilities, etc. Men usually spend their money on car accessories and electronics. Males love electronics; they usually continue to buy the new brand of video game machine(s) such as Xbox, PlayStation, etc. Especially, young male adults spend most of the earnings on their social expense such as alcohol, clubs, and sporting goods. On the other hand, women spend their money on items that they don’t really need such as makeup. Makeup needs to be replaced every six months therefore women spend so much money to maintain a good appearance. Women own so much jewelry that they spend money without even thinking about the ( consequenses ) Also, women have the habit ( of ) buy(ing)clothing, handbags, and shoes that they only wear once and ( which )then collect dust in their closet
Finally, career is the last motivation that both men and women have alike, but take different directions . Mostly men and women want to pursu(e)successful careers that allow them to explore their different goals of life. Men usually take the easy way to obtain a career by attend(ing) vocational technical schools. Most of them obtain work as a welder, pharmacy technician, computer technician, etc. Men usually have construction and machine repair jobs. Women, today are (doing) more, four years college and becoming teachers and registered nurse. “In 2004, women workers accounted for 93.5% of employment of all word processors and typists” ( Most of the females today are working in the office as bookkeepers, payroll clerks, and secretaries. As same as men, women attend vocational schools to become child care workers, teacher assistants, and dental assistants.
In conlusion, both women and men may have similarities and differences that (are) influence(d) by society. The path by which males and females obtain the life goals of love, career and money are directly related to changes in society.

Shirley Said:

Diagnostic Medical Sonography / Ultrasound Tech. ??

We Answered:

It only takes 2 years to become a diagnotic medical sonographer ( an associate degree ), which you can get at a community college, train at a hospital or go to an university.
This is one of the fastest growing occupations for 2004-2014, according to the US Dept of Labor. Here's the average wages a sonographer received in 2004: $52,490.

Here's the link to the US Dept of Labor's info about their job description, education needed, job outlook and wages (the link listed above for the US Dept of Labor is to a radiologic technologist):

Good luck!

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