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Technical Schools In Pa

Calvin Said:

I need a 6 month course to become a PA?

We Answered:

A PA program is a masters degree, not an associates degree - community colleges only offer associates degrees. That's 6 years of college total, and no, you can't do a 'crash course' for something 6 months that normally takes 6 years and expect employers to take it seriously. Also, online programs for PA wouldn't be accredited. That's very much a program that requires on-site instruction.

Constance Said:

I'm gonna be attending York Technical Institute in York ,PA i need some feedback on the school etc?

We Answered:

The cost of living in York isn't all that high - I would assume that for a modest living situation you could plan on approx. $400-$500/ month in rent.. I think you should start looking online for rentals in the York, PA area and get a feel for how much places charge for rent.. ( is the site for the York Newspapers and you could look at the classifieds if you didn't want to live in an apartment complex).. I mean, it completely depends on where you're trying to find a place (a brand new townhouse, versus an older apartment, etc.), but that's true of all towns and cities. As far as needing a car would go.. there is public transportation in York City, but where YTI is located, you will need a car. Plus, for your own sanity, you will want a car. The public transportation in York and the surrounding counties is not that great (not like a large, well-developed city), so a car is really important for being able to just run errands, do things for fun, etc.

I don't know a lot about YTI, but know people who have gone there and they seem to like it... I live in a town about 30 minutes from the school, so that's why I am able to tell you about the area.

Good luck in your schooling!

Daniel Said:

I want to become an electrician but I'm afraid of job stability?

We Answered:

Some merit shop construction electricians travel and work form project to project. The pay is higher but the stability depends on one’s ability to network and travel. Others work for local construction companies where the best workers have the most stable employment, Pay and benefits are a tradeoff. The overall employment outlook has always been good.

The unions place members from a job board. They sign up on the bottom of the board and wait their turn as members are hired form the top. Unions workers usually enjoy more benefits. Employment stability depends upon the market forces.

Maintenance and service electricians usually work for industrial plants or institutions where employment is considered to be permanent, stability and benefits are usually good.

There are many other opportunities for Electricians including self employment.

by - Industrial Construction and Maintenance Electrician.

Guy Said:

Need some advice on our relationship?

We Answered:

Well, here is the problem. It wil ALWAYS be about him. My sister is in the same situation, but she won't admit it or talk about.

I would say, do not marry this selfish man, because you are going to be one unhappy women when he NEVER changes.

Gail Said:

I want to get my RN but cant find any good schools in PA...Can you help?

We Answered:

There aren't many,is the only regular college offering an associate's RN in nursing..

Lock Haven....…

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