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Technical Trade School

Walter Said:

Technical school vs community college for a trade degree?

We Answered:

tech school cause you have more hands on experience in the thing your going to school for and in CC you have to go threw all those extra class like math history etc but in tech school your going there jus for the thing you wanna do so its cuts out the bullshit and plus alot of tech schools will help you find a job after your finished

Roland Said:

What do you think of someone who decides not to go to college or technical/trade school?

We Answered:

well, no, I don't think college is really the best option for you. (not trying to be mean or anything, but i mean your grades aren't really good now and college is harder than hs so you will likely fail).
I think trade school is a great idea. We will always need electricians/plumbers/etc, but not always lawyers, teachers, or even doctors.

Dawn Said:

is lincoln technical school a good choice for trade school?

We Answered:

check with the state board of education ?

Crystal Said:

Does anyone attend a technical college/ trade school?

We Answered:

Technical/trade colleges are "for profit" organizations. They have a bad reputation. They costs a lot of money and many times have no employment value. Stay in your Community College, earn your degree (it matters not which degree you get) and have the confidence that it's worth something.

If you want to become a law enforcement officer, go to any agency (local police, the state police and/or federal agencies, large airports have their own law enforcement as do Community Colleges, large public school districts and Universities) and apply.

Don't embarrass yourself by showing an employer a diploma from some technical/trade school. Take your reputable Community College diploma in hand when you apply. Good Luck!

Matthew Said:

Do you think I am really setting myself up for failure by planning to go to a trade school ?

We Answered:

Hell no. A trade skill is invaluable. I mean yeah its hard work most of the time but it will never be outsourced, outdated, or perish. I went to trade school and became an electrician. it took 4 years of school. Im not sure what career path your going for but knowing how to work with electricity is invaluable. As long as there is electricity you need an electrician, right? I say go for it.

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I'm in technical school's favour than community college. I feel that my kid should go there instead. I mean we live in a society filled with technology so it's better to learn and understand that!

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Exchange schools commonly set aside significantly less opportunity to finish, have littler class sizes, and most of the preparation is hands-on, which is a perfect domain for some sorts of learners. Professional degrees can prompt to well-paying employments like circuit repairman, workman, mechanical engineer, drug store specialist, atomic expert, and dental hygienist, with space for development and administrative potential in each field.

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