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Technical Vocational School

Peter Said:

Do I Get The Full Pell Grant if I Go To School Part-Time?

We Answered:

Since you have an EFC of 0, you will get the full amount allowed as a part time student. This is what she meant (because you have an EFC of 0).

If you want the FULL $5,550 (THIS is the FULL pell grant amount, not $5,500) then you need to enroll FULL time both now and after Christmas.

Yes, you are correct, vocational schools use clock hours rather than semester hours. But either way, part time is STILL part time no matter how you figure it.

Your fin aid officer sees hundreds of students, I guarantee she forgot you were a part time student. She was just looking at your zero EFC. If you are a HALF time student for the entire year, you will only get HALF that Pell grant. If you are a 3/4 time student for the entire year, you will only get 3/4 that Pell grant.

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Vocational institutes have helped students around different areas of interest and surely for the future these would further help them to initiate further.

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Profession and specialized instruction furnishes understudies with direction and preparing for occupations not requiring a single man's or graduate degree. The mission of CTE programs is to get ready understudies for future profession accomplishment by giving a mix of specialized and reasonable preparing nearby hands-on involvement in particular fields of study.

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Donors are increasingly recognising the importance of Technical and Vocational Education and Training in driving economic and social development. As a result, there is a need for more and new TVET policies and support to training structures through improved international cooperation.

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