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Trade And Vocational Schools

Delores Said:

Wouldn't you consider a child who went to vocational school and developed a skilled trade more valuable then a?

We Answered:

People who contribute in the society in a civilized way are all valuable regardless of their backgrounds

Ramon Said:

do you receive the same G.I. Bill benefits if you go to a vocational or trade school.?

We Answered:

You do not receive GI benefits if you attend any on-line college, university or program. You do receive benefits only from institutions that are approved by the Veterans Administration. That can be researched on-line state by state.

Anthony Said:

what is the average price of trade schools?

We Answered:

If a vocational school offers "Internet Engineering", that's a good sign it is bogus.

Schools offering "Engineering" or "Engineering Technology" or "XXXX Technology" should be either ABET or ATMAE accredited.

Lawrence Said:

Since my parents don't make enough money for me to go to a University, my boss recommended a trade school?

We Answered:

Well idk about all that but what about scholarships and grants??? Im in a community college taking my basics then im going to transfer to a University. Believe me its cheaper this You should try this grant Good luck sweetie!!!

Ronald Said:

Who can a person complain to about the fact that neither candidate is supporting vocational schools?

We Answered:

Teenagers going to vocational schools is a terrible idea. Another few years of school and they can make twice the income for the rest of their lives. But, if you really believe in those....easy way out schools....honestly both candidates support them. Vocational schools come under college funding. They take far less funding because they are very short term schools.

Any vocation that takes 6 months to learn is not going to earn an income that can support a family. Even a 4 year degree doesn't guarantee a good income.

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