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Trade School Careers

Stacey Said:

Trade school????????????????

We Answered:

Trade schools are simply schools that teach you trades/skills that you can apply directly to a career. With traditional universities, you can take programs that do not have specific career outcomes (philosophy, communications, music, etc.).

At a trade school, you will only get taught information that is relevant to your career outcome. Some of the most common career-focused programs that trade schools offer are medical assisting, dental assisting, pharmacy technician, cosmetology, HVAC training, truck driving, and medical billing and coding. I hope that helps.

Good luck!

Patsy Said:

what is a good field to study in trade school?

We Answered:

Dental Assistant, Mechanic, Nursing to name a few.. Being a Chef..

Shawn Said:

Help with technical/2 year/trade school? Help from people who go to these type schools would help most!?

We Answered:

You wont get very far in the computer field with a 2 year tech college degree. You need a B.S. from a real school.

Whatever you do, stay away from ITT. It's not well respected in the engineering world, no matter what their salesmen, uh, "counselors" tell you.

If you must do a 2 year degree, do it at your local community college. It will be cheaper and better respected.

Kim Said:

How would military enlistment numbers be affected if trade school and college were prepaid?

We Answered:

I don't doubt that the number of enlistees would go down, but probably not nearly as much as many people would like to think.

After many years in the military, the diversity of motivation surprised me. Some I know join for family tradition, or for patriotism. Some want to see the world. Some join because they want to do something meaningful and positive, to help people. Some join because all their friends joined. Some join because they are thugs and just want to kill people. Some, like myself, got it in their heads that they could be heroes and save people. Some do it because they're struggling financially and need the money. Some do it for the government benefits, like retirement, VA, educational benefits, after-service job opportunities. Some join (and, after I outgrew my romantic notions of glory, I stayed) for the job experience (I now do civil engineering and construction management). Some were even foreigners who joined in order to gain U.S. citizenship.

If I only listed a fraction of all the motivations people had for joining, I wouldn't be surprised.

Sure, money for education is an incentive, but it's just something to add to the pile. Most people have other reasons, often many. Myself, I didn't need the benefits and would have joined even if the military hadn't offer it.

Frankly, I'm more than a little worried about that "how" question. Especially if the kind of people who who don't understand human motivation are the ones trying to answer it.

Dolores Said:

In trying to find a satisfying career would a trade school be a better option after an AA degree?

We Answered:

It's up to you. You can do well coming out of some trades, and the training courses tend to be far shorter than an AA degree. And you can often save a lot of money by doing the training course for a trade at your local community college, rather than at a trade school. So long as it's available at the cc, it'll be a lot cheaper there. And many ccs offer plumbing, electrician, HVAC, auto tech, diesel tech, and many other in-demand trades.

Brenda Said:

I hate my job and want to change my career. Is it better to go to a trade school for a better career?

We Answered:

I do not think that programming is a safe field to go into at this point. There is a need for knowledgeable and experienced programmers, but its decreasing at a slow rate. With most computer jobs being outsourced, even the most experienced programmers are feeling it. A friend of mine working in the field for 7 years with a degree from Cornell University, just went back to school because he doesn't see a future with his profession.
I think that going back to school is always a good idea, it will not make you dumber by any sort, and would qualify you for a lot more positions. Make sure you do your research and talk to potential employers about the demand for your career choice.

Good Luck!

Manuel Said:

Opinions On HVAC Trade Schools & Careers In Northeast Ohio?

We Answered:

To be honest, the best thing you can do to save money is try to get hired on with a company as an apprentice. A majority of them will pay for your schooling if you are a good worker. I have been doing hvac work for about 7 years, never went to school. I am way ahead of the guys we hire fresh out of school because I learned on the job. Majority of hvac schools dont teach the important aspects. Show a company what you are worth, and make them pay to continue to keep you. You can make lots of money doing this. I average about $62,000 a year in a small Mississippi market. Good luck to you, hope it works out.

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