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Trade School Programs

Jill Said:

How do I get into a trade school at their expense?

We Answered:

try to figure out which one you want..................then find out when they open their books and what you need for the job(union hall)........if it is too many years away and you don't want to the same for the next one on your list............same dance.......and on...........
If you want to try different the national of that union..............for New York, the plumbers just opened their books for 1000 applicants.they take 100.....5 years 4 days a one day a week.......47 per hour when you get the A Book after the 5 years.......good luck.....

Veronica Said:

will i get a pay grade in the navy if i graduated an accredited trade school?

We Answered:

You can be a Seabee CE rating or EM on the boat or an AE aviation electrician.

Reserve duty you can be up as a E-4 with experience.

If you have 27 credits you are basically automatic E-3.

Melinda Said:

Are there any trade schools that offer dental hygiene programs in tampa?

We Answered:

Hillsborough County Community College offers the program.…

Daniel Said:

Trade School vs Community College Paramedic program?

We Answered:

I can't speak specifically for California, but it's been my experience that EMTs are hired for having an EMS license, I have never heard an employer ask where you went to school or care about your grades. Since you take the same state test when you license up, it really doesn't matter, you either meet state standards or you don't license up.

The only thing they may look at is if you have a troubled employment history. There are some medics who have trouble finding jobs because they have developed bad reputations within services as being difficult to work with, poor patient care, or other personal problems, but never because of where they went to school.

There is a shortage of medics in most areas, so they really won't care where you took the course.

April Said:

What is the tuition/program cost for New Castle School of trade?

We Answered:

I am always wary of schools that will not give you financial information. I would not apply and I would not contact them any further - unless you want to give them one more chance to give you the information. The school is nationally accredited, but it's not regionally accredited - so any credits that you earn will be non-transferable (which you should avoid if possible). I tried to find the cost information, but have not been able to locate it. Generally, this means the school is very expensive and they don't want to give you the information until they've "sold" you on the school. This is a private career college, and private career colleges are always looking for students and really don't have very high entrance criteria (basically they'll accept everyone). In fact, according to the "How to Get In" website, this school accepts 100% of applicants - which shows that they don't care who enrolls, as long as they get paid. This doesn't mean that it's a bad school; however, I would not trust a school that claims they cannot give you financial information without you applying first.

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