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Trade Schools In Georgia

Judy Said:

Can you teach in a Montessori school without an education degree?

We Answered:

Yes. They like to have someone with a teaching background but there are Montessori classes that you can take. Our local community college offers them. And if they are desperate they will probably take someone with a bachelor's degree and no experience. It really depends on the school's policies.

Dean Said:

We are relocating and i need help with my choices which are; North Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Maryland?

We Answered:

Sounds like the place you are looking for is on Fantasy Island!

Wendy Said:

Should I go to technical school to learn a trade, or finish out my English degree at GSU with a small job?

We Answered:

I enjoyed reading your writing. You are indeed an English major and that not just as a degree goal but you do write beautifully and I can actually understand what you say. Well done.

It is a difficult situation. There are no guaranteed solutions. I do however wholeheartedly agree that you ought not take up CNA if you know that you would intensely dislike it. I could not do it either because I just could not bear having to be around sick people all day long.

It is also important to keep in mind what other certificates you could do and in particular what guarantee of employment do they offer? A certificate offers nothing except the chance to find employment. You run the risk of spending money on the certificate only to find that you still cannot obtain employment. How disappointing would that be? And it would be money wasted on a course that you could have done to complete your degree.

Do you need to continue at your current university if it is so expensive? Have you considered completing your degree part-time online (while you work or try to find work)? I am a graduate of Excelsior College which was set up for people like you who have partly completed degrees but must work and so cannot attend on campus. The beauty of Excelsior is that they have associations with dozens of other universities that offer online courses so you can pick the course with the lowest fee and credit it to your Excelsior degree. Something for you to explore.

Can you find any job that does not require a certificate? If so, take it and continue your degree online. This way you are still on your way toward your English major ( don't give up on it whatever you do - you need to take your gift for writing to the highest level - don't waste it).

My approach, if I were in your shoes, would be as follows:

1. If a certificate (which I reasonably enjoy and won't destroy me emotionally) ** guarantees ** employment, then get that certificate. Work a while to pay off the credit cards, and continue my degree online.

2. If a certificate is not an option, then find any other job that will help pay off the credit cards - while continuing my education ( preferably online for cost and efficiency reasons)

Don't waste time just working: Come home, turn on your computer, get online and start studying. This way you kill two birds with one stone.

Hard decision to make. Only you know what will work best in your situation.

Hope this helps.

Dianne Said:

how long does it take to recieve your transcripts from the office of Job Corps from Atlanta, georgia?

We Answered:

You should have received the information already. Contact the Job Corps again./

Erica Said:

Is Devean George an a*s for blocking the trade?

We Answered:

He's actually very smart and would of been smarter if he would of just asked for the extra 3 million Dallas was willing to give the Nets. This has nothing to do with championships or playing for the sorry Nets. The Nets are going to the playoffs and looks pretty good on paper coming out the East with their new line up. George figures he'll get paid when he's a free agent but he's not that valuable he need to tell his agent to make this deal work. This block was all about the money!

Kimberly Said:

Georgia State University Law vs. Mercer University Law?

We Answered:

It's not a choice - go to Georgia State. Mercer is a tier three law school and GA State is a Tier 1. Right now, that distinction is what will help you get an actual job upon graduation.

US News and World Report is the only ranking worth following. I'm not sure where you are pulling the Mercer being ranked higher statistic.

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