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Trade Schools In Illinois

Franklin Said:

What carrer should I pursue?

We Answered:

Maybe business studies

Terrance Said:

I just want to be successful?? Liquid Superrichhh?

We Answered:

You do realize that most people who trade in the stock market don't make "tens of millions", don't you? In fact, the only reason there is a return on your investment is that it is risky, and you could just as easily lose money as make it. Knowing a lot about trading doesn't guarantee that you will make money consistently.

There are some things in your posting which are disturbing. You apparently have no patience, which doesn't bode well for your future in investing. You dropped out of high school because you weren't getting the GPA you thought you deserved (you have no right to straight A's, no matter what one school gave you!). I imagine that you will get really upset the first time you lose a substantial amount trading, which will certainly happen. Then you are talking about multiple transfers which don't make much sense.

In most cases, since you don't have a high school diploma, you will have to wait until you have 60 credits to transfer to another school. Furthermore, you can't transfer as a senior, since most places will require that you spend more time than that at their school in order to get a degree. So spending two years at the community college, followed by another two years at a four-year school, would make more sense. Since you are just starting at community college, you will have to wait to see how well you are doing to know where you might be able to transfer.

Right now, your goals sound really empty and unrealistic. They almost certainly doom you to a life of dissatisfaction, first because no one becomes extremely wealthy by planning it, unless they do something illegal, and secondly because you sound unlikely to be satisfied if you actually do well and manage to achieve a middle-class lifestyle.

Bruce Said:

How can you become an Electrician in Illinois?

We Answered:

No, you can't just take the exam. Yes, requirement of certain amount of hours in the trade and schooling like in an apprenticeship. Journeyman Wireman 17yrs. Good luck..

Irene Said:

Cap & Trade - Is Obama fooling us all?

We Answered:

No , The jig is up! The dance is over , now it's time for a bow ! Will fear of cat calling & rotten tomatoes being tossed bother anyone! Very poor shows get that sometimes.

Gabriel Said:

Why are illegals receiving taxpayer-funded financial aid for college?

We Answered:

IDK why you Americans put up with this. Illegals in the UK just get deported, they have no "rights" other than emergency medical care, the right to lodge an asylum claim if it is not safe to return to their own country, or to have their situation assessed by social services if they have young children (people in this situation are sometimes granted compassionate leave to remain).

But they certainly don't get taxpayer-funded benefits, education and so forth!

Seems utterly absurd that you can break the law in any country and get rewarded for it.

Discuss It! said:

Perfect answer.

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