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Trade Schools In New Jersey

Andre Said:

Does it matter where you attend law school?

We Answered:

It does matter, to an extent. If you go to Rutgers, I can't imagine you having too much trouble. The real issue is going to be the local job market. If it's flooded with Harvard grads, you may have some stiff competition for a job.

I'm currently at the University of Memphis. In Tennessee, it's degrees are very competitive with degrees from other Tennessee schools. Outside of Tennessee, however, we simply don't have the prestige to get into the big New York, etc., firms.

As a general rule, if you want a big job in a big city, go to a local school with a local reputation, or go to Harvard, Yale, etc. Otherwise, you should be okay with any degree.

And you're right, there is some kind of trade off. If you finish at the bottom of your class at a great school, you probably can't compete with a top graduate from a slightly less reputable school.

Corey Said:

Do you think ill get Unemployment?

We Answered:

Yes. You've worked for three months, and were laid off through no fault of your own. That qualifies.

Carmen Said:


We Answered:

It's nice that you have your own opinions but the point is to pass the assignment fool. You say the world is all about opinions, but not this assignment. If you do not have enough evidence then it is obvious you are not going to pass.

Bernice Said:

Do you think Carmelo Anthony will be traded before the season starts?

We Answered:

Their says that he won't be trade but its kinda dumb when think that you could Billups and Prince why turn that down to keep him if he's unhappy that damn rocky mountain air has the GM higher than Ricky Williams

Edith Said:

I want to run away to another country with my girlfriend from Britain?

We Answered:

It won't be at all difficult for either of you to come to Australia. If you have graduated from High School or completed an equivalent qualification, you can get a subclass 462 Work and Holiday visa and she can get a subclass 417 Working Holiday visa (no educational requirements for a 417). You will be able to stay for 12 months. Of course, this assumes that you are a US citizen and that she is a UK citizen - you only said 'live/s in' rather than 'a citizen of' so it's not clear.…

Rachel Said:

about to enter the hardest 9 months of my life any advice?

We Answered:

Kudos to you for working so hard, that is awesome. 9 months isn't too long, you should be able to hold it together.

You can try to room with other people who aren't friends and are more trustworthy (find a roommate through classified ads or, or you can sign a lease where each individual is responsible for his/her portion of the rent. So if your friend doesn't pay his share of the rent, you are still ok because you paid your share. I think it would be good to live with people because then it's not only cheaper, but you have people to hang out with and talk to since your mom is leaving.

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