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Trade Schools In Ohio

Gregory Said:

Why do Latin girls.......compared to white chicks.......?

We Answered:

I know next to nothing about Latin girls, but I would have to agree somewhat with your view of white women lacking a sense of humour. If you look at the standards white women, especially in recent decades, believe they must live up to, it's easier to understand how many of them tend to take themselves way too seriously. It's all cultural. Some white Americans have, for a long time and until fairly recently, been free from stereotyping by other cultures and races and so have developed a sense of entitlement and empowerment that causes us to take ourselves far too seriously for our own good. I think white women and black folks have a lot in common in that regard. It seems that when/if they do possess a sense of humour, it always has a self-deprecating edge to it.

Laurie Said:

Wanting to enter nursing, need advise!?

We Answered:

In the long run, its better to do what you can to get your RN. Practical nurses are, sadly, becoming more and more marginalized these days unless you are interested in nursing home or sub-acute unit work.
With the RN you will have job security in any field of nursing that you want to explore and you will be better set to further your education should you desire advanced practice in the future.

Beth Said:

Are online programs a good way to becoming an electrician?

We Answered:

No !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I don't know why our laws allow it, but there are more scams in the name of education than there is rice in China.

The fact that you get a piece of paper saying you passed a course does NOT prove anyone will respect it. In some cases, it may actually make you look dumb just by the fact that you thought it would help to present it.

Whenever considering ANY form of education, always check thoroughly WHO accredits the school and have prior knoledge of the subject you are studying, including knowing what the job market in that field is looking like.

Patsy Said:

Does anyone know of a good trade school in or near Akron, Ohio for an older working adult?

We Answered:

I don't know about good but here's a list of some.

Academy of Court Reporting
2930 W. Market (330) 867-4030

Akron Machining Institute
2959 Barber Road (330) 745-1111

Chase School of Medical Transcription
5685 Hudson Industrial Pkway, Ste #1 (330) 342-8500

Northcoast Medical
1832 State Route 59 (330) 678-6600

Brown Mackie College
2791 Mogadore Rd. (330) 733-8766

Akron Area Electrical Jatc
2650 S. Main St. #100 (330) 644-4286

Akron Barber College
2828 S. Arlington Rd (330) 644-9114

Akron Beauty School
33 Shiawasse Ave (330) 867-6200

Carnegie Institute of Medicine
1292 E Waterloo Rd (330) 455-7259

CDL Career Driving
1350 Kelly Ave (330) 785-9099

Portage Lakes Career Center
220 Balch St (330) 643-0770

Pro Faux
1367 Girard St (330) 848-0785

and of course there is the University of Akron.

Carolyn Said:

How To Pay For A 6 Month Trade School?

We Answered:

Sallie Mae offers a career training loan, but without knowing the name of the schools, I can't tell if they participate or not. You can either contact the financial aid depts of the schools you're interested in, or click "apply" on the below page, choose your state, and view the dropdown menu of schools.

Either way, good luck, and remember to borrow only what you absolutely need, as you will have to pay it all back eventually.

Bessie Said:

How do i become an auto mechanic in Ohio?

We Answered:

Try your local community college.

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Patrick Swayze said:

I've taken nursing as my major as well. The vocational schools are the greatest in that regard. I've even taken a loan which allowed me to pay the tuition and now I'm earning big-time.

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Wanting to enter nursing, need advise!?