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Trade Schools In Oregon

Shirley Said:

Can I quit my job in oregon and keep my unemployment benefits?

We Answered:

NO, and you had better get ready to pay back any benefits you are receiving as of this moment. The reason you quit are not justifiable nor a legal standing if so most people would quit there jobs and be receiving benefits. TC

William Said:

What are some good equestrian schools?

We Answered:

While there are quite a few equine massage therapy schools, I’m not aware of any vocational schools that offer both training and equine massage other than Meredith Manor.

Meredith Manor is definitely a real college. They are a nationally accredited, equestrian career college. Because Meredith Manor’s programs are strictly equine related they are certification based. However, Meredith Manor students have the option of pursuing two and four year equine degrees through their affiliation with West Virginia University at Parkersburg.

Regarding tuition, if you compare costs at Meredith Manor with the most popular Equine Studies degree programs you will find MM is often two or even three times less expensive.

Dorothy Said:

Help! My school is scamming me!!!?

We Answered:

Calm down, first of all.

Call the higher education commission of the state the trande school is located in and complain.

Write the United States Department of Higher Education. Xerox all proof you have and send it with the letter you write. Write your congressman and do the same thing.

Call the FAFSA people. they have a 1800 number on their web site and I am sure that they can either give you help or direct you towards someone who can help you.

And, if you are totally up a high creek. Go to a lawyer. Seriously. Go to a lawyer and try to learn of the legalities of what is going on. You might be surprised that a lawyer will try to help you because you are a young trande school student.

Good luck. I am very sorry you are getting bleeped over. But, do not give up the fight.

Alvin Said:

Please help, I want to become an ultrasound technician, I live in Oregon, how can i become one?

We Answered:

The best i can tell you is to look into community colleges. Most have 18 month programs to become a radiology tech and then u can take more classes to specialize (and get paid more). Look at the community colleges in your state or call and ask about the programs they offer :)

hope this helps

Donna Said:

how do i go about moving to portland oregon?

We Answered:

Listen...I stress to you...DO NOT move here unless you already have jobs and a place to live lined are at an all time low and people are struggling to keep them....check the papers online to check apartment/loft or house rentals...think about it or you may find yourself in a undesirable situation....

PS...NW Portland is very expensive...I'm Portland, Oregon born and raised...beleive me check all areas BEFORE you move here! Or better yet, come for a visit and see first hand. good luck.

Johnnie Said:

I'm a woman trying to become a there help out there?

We Answered:

This might help:

Article: Weekend Welding Course…

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