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Trade Schools In Virginia

Chris Said:

Your thoughts about Stimulas and Economy? and Why the Stimulas at the moment?

We Answered:

Under Bill Clinton in the 1990s we had record economic growth. We even eliminated the Deficit. The biggest thing Clinton did for the economy was leave it alone and allow it to recover. It would have eventually recovered even if Bush 1 had been reelected. The best thing government can do for our economy is minimize their involvment. Obama is not the second coming of FDR. Neither was Bush. Leave it alone and let the correction run its course.

Naomi Said:

I want to learn how to build stuff..but where?

We Answered:

There are stores around the country called WOODCRAFT centers and I think they may be based in Virginia that offer classes, or you can go to PBS and get the NEW YANKEE workshop videos from NORM ABRAMS he has how to videos. You can also go online to and they have videos you can buy on the subjects also. Good luck

Josephine Said:

Irish slave trade-- England sold Irish men women and children, why is this not taught in schools?

We Answered:

Because it happened for such a short period of time and was a miniscule and basically non existent part of the slave trade era. And most irish became white and OVERSEERS on the plantations, so they went from being slaves to being the ones who participated in the many abuses of the other slaves. Yes irish were somewhat discriminated against but they had a cake walk with cherries and ice cream on top and a latte on the side compared to natives and blacks.

Geraldine Said:

Ways to pass the time until my boyfriend comes home?

We Answered:

.Take up a hobby, take a class, get a job (if you don't have one), spend time with friends, spend time with family, study something that interests you, do volunteer work, join a club, join a sports team, etc.

There are TONS of things to keep you occupied and productive. In the mean time, also keep in touch as you can and let him know you miss him. The weeks will speed by!

Laurie Said:

I went to nursing school to become a CNA i need to take my state board exam in Virginia.?

We Answered:

The Virginia Board of Nursing licenses CNAs, and application forms are available on their website:…

Discuss It! said:

I wanted your thoughts regarding Stimulas and Economy and thank you very much for providing me such helpful statistics regarding them.

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