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Vo Tech Schools

Andy Said:

I have decided to go to school to be a CNA and i was wondering if anyone knows if there is any kind of?

We Answered:

You can call a local nursing home to ask them. Ask for HR (human resources)...they will know. Some nursing homes even reimburse new CNAs for their training.

Angela Said:

a question about vo. tech???

We Answered:

Hey i go to bluemountain school. im guessing you do too. anyways i never took votech but its for half a year. and during the other half of the year at school you must take the english, get the picture. but its all more fast paced because they are trying to make you learn all the stuff that takes a year, into a half of year course.

hope you liked the answer! im shelbee by the way! not sure if you know me hahaa

Eduardo Said:

I have an opportunity to go to vo-tech during my junior and senior year in high school?

We Answered:

I would honestly take the opportunity with the vocational training. While it it would seem like your going to be giving up your last high school years its really just the same in a different enviroment and you'll still have lots of fun.

Another great reason to take this opportunity is because when you go to school after high school you will be ahead of the game and possibly be able to get credit for the time you've already put into your training which will mean less student loans and possibly scholarships if you do well enough in the class.

All in all Vo-Tech is a great experiance and if you have the opportunity to do it for free then by all means you should take it.

Kelly Said:

what is the best way to get started as a marine vessel (yacht, cruise, merchant) engineer?

We Answered:

my advice to u would be to enroll as an officer cadet sponsored by one of the many shipping co/s all the info is online all your expences are paid food accomodation fees etc +aprox 150 a week pocket money the program is aprox 3 yrs aftr which u become a qualified merchant navy officer with an unrestricted ticket any vessel any size there is no substitute for qualifications u are going to be asked for these all your working life so these first 3 years are the most important good luck ex m/n officer

Emma Said:

How do I become a LVN or LPN?

We Answered:

This is what you do. You get your CNA first. You find a job in a hospital that will pay for you to further your education. Then you go to school for 1 year to a community college for your LPN debt free. Hospitals, hopice programs and nursing homes will pay for furthering your education after you have worked for them and shown you are a capable worker. I even found a CNA program where I live in Chicago that is free. I then researched the area of nursing that I wanted to work in and now work for a Hospice program. They will now pay for my LPN through a community college and it's only 1 year. RN degrees take alot longer. I have been out of school for 20 years and LPN is much easier to get and like I said, will only take a year.

I hope that helps!
Good luck.

Perry Said:

How will I get through highschool?

We Answered:

You will practice running over the summer. No, seriously. I'm in high school. Just learn to run, and don't wear stupid shoes to school.

And it's far easier if you take the opposite approach: keep a high profile. Nobody punches the person who is captain of the girls' rugby team and is on Student Council and meets with the principal every week because they are School Captain and is friends with the burly Italian janitor and is friends with practically everyone in the school. Nobody.

Plus that lets you live high school to the fullest! Two goals accomplished in one.

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