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Vocational Courses In High School

Priscilla Said:

What are my chances of getting in to a good college for psychology after attending a vocational high school?

We Answered:

I think your chances of being accepted at NYU are very good, You should take more academic courses during your next two years. Cosmetology should be your back up profession while you attend the university because with that diploma and certificate you can work part time and dedicate time to your university studies. You have chosen a good career for your future and I'm sure that you will be successful in your profession as well as in your academic plans.

Terri Said:

Do schools have less elective courses at the high school level?

We Answered:

the kids are busy doing othe things like getting stoned all day ! they wouldnt know what day it is .education has gone out the window.

Allan Said:

Is there any place that offers high school level chemistry?

We Answered:

Many community colleges have such classes--for kids who didn't manage to pass high school level chemistry before entering college. So check with them. Often they have some night classes for working adults.

Or ask your high school guidance counselor. There are probably others who want to take such a class, too, and the guidance counselor may know of local options. There may even be an option to do it at your school on an "independent study" basis or to take it through an online school or something....

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Do schools have less elective courses at the high school level?

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