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Vocational Dance Schools

Leonard Said:

is this an inappropriate song to choose?

We Answered:

Yeah that's a bad song in my opinion.
Especially for a 14 year old.
You should try something by Aaliyah or a less mature song by Janet Jackson. Ohh and Mya too! She has great songs.

Everett Said:

Anyone who is or recently was a student in dorothy stevens school of dance and theatre?

We Answered:


Earl Said:

Dance school help..please??

We Answered:

i cant remember one

Jose Said:

Dance vocational school, musical theatre, help?!?!?

We Answered:

ok... its a tough buisness but if your prepared to work for it go for it!!

you need preferably for all schools at 16 to have intermediate ballet RAD or ISTD you need modern and tap Istd intermediate or at least working towards them! talk to your dance teacher about them!!

schools ... Laine Theatre Arts, MIllenium, Bird college, Performers College, stella mann, Arts Education london, Urdang academy, london studio centre. they are all musical theatre schools only!! they will take you at either 16 or 18.

Hammond school, arts educational tring and elmhurst (more ballet) are boarding schools and sixth form schools!!

i hope this helps!!

lara <3

Rafael Said:

Barn graduation party?

We Answered:

I'm graduating in a few weeks too.
I think I'm a lot like you. I stopped going to the regular high school after my sophomore year. I've been doing full time college courses at the local college for 2 years, so I'll be graduating with my diploma and my Associates degree. I didn't go to any of the dances, because I don't dance (in public). I have a lot of friends, but to tell you the truth, I can't stand most of them anymore. They're all petty, materialistic, and immature. All they do is drink and try to act cool. But with only a few more weeks left, there's really no time to find new friends. But I'm slowly drifting off into another group of friends.

Anyway, I'm letting my mom plan the party. We're having a big party in our back yard. It's just going to be all our family friends and people who have known me since I was really young. It's more for her than for me. I could care less about a party, but she loves throwing parties, so why not? I'm not inviting any of my friends (because i don't want them to be around my family haha).

As for your barn party, just invite any horsey friends you have and family friends. Provide lots of food (any kind) and a variety of drinks. Do simple and easy decorations. Provide chairs. And just in case it gets boring, have some fun activities/games planned.
Fun game idea:
Watermellon eating contest: Get a few watermellons, cut them in quarters, and put them on plates on a table. Then whoever can eat the fastest wins. The catch; make them eat with their hands tied behind their backs and blindfolded. And DEFINITELY tape it.

Good luck and congratulations!

Discuss It! said:

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Schools have limited seats that they give to needy students so they learn and start new education. This process start and end every year and almost every school take part in it.