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Vocational Educational Training

Irene Said:

About joining the Coast Guard Reserves..?

We Answered:

go talk to a recruiter. My husband is a Chief in the coast guard. He does secret squirrell stuff and Search and Rescue stuff too. its pretty cool. My dad is a retired coastie and so is my grandfather. Its a great service. There are alot of jobs in the coast guard. They need more computer/technical people.

The coast guard is a great service

Agnes Said:

Australian Immigration Related Question?

We Answered:

TRA treats each application completely separately so the fact that a previous application in a different occupation was turned down wouldn't normally make any difference but it's highly likely that TRA will be interested in knowing how you could possibly have worked full time in two completely unrelated trades at the same time. DIAC will also be interested in the same answers when it comes to lodging your visa application if you're claiming points for Specific Work Experience.

Also, you haven't said where you're from, but VETASSESS (not TRA) is currently the assessment body for Refrigeration and air-conditioning mechanics in India, Sri Lanka, United Kingdom, South Africa and The Philippines. Nobody knows what body will do which assessments when the new SOL takes effect from 1 July.

Acceptance of offshore visa applications has been suspended until 1 July and all new applications after that date will be subject to the new SOL. On the new SOL, Hairdresser does not appear at all and the name and job description of your other occupation have been changed.…

You should check to ensure that you meet the requirements to be eligible to apply under the new SOL as an Airconditioning and refrigeration mechanic:…

Esther Said:

TRA Australia info needed?

We Answered:

Your second application will raise flags - as its very unlikely someone could pull off two 38 hour a week jobs at one time (which is what you are claiming) ergo you must have lied on one of your applications. Even if it was saying you were a FT hairdresser and only worked 16 hours a week - you will have proved that you lied and your application might not get through.

Alma Said:

What does it take to work in an office?

We Answered:

I know one educational requirement is to know that "skool" is actually spelled SCHOOL.
If you are applying for aposition which requires Access & Excel you should learn them before you try to apply for the job.

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