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Vocational High School Programs

Alvin Said:

How am I supposed to "establish my credibility" in a persuasive speech as a high school student?

We Answered:

Have you or someone you know (maybe even lie and make a person up). And discuss how you KNOW that vocational programs are benificial. You need a person to use to refer back to thoughout your speech and give examples of that person that are the same as the statistics you found online.


Find the opposing argument to your speech and completely tear it up and tell everyone why it's wrong. And of course give strong support to your side.

Kent Said:

No High School/No GED?

We Answered:

There are adult education classes and various afternoon and evening classes in vocational schools and community centers that do not have the requirements. Of course these are no credit classes./

It is good that you want to continue learning./

Leo Said:

do all high schools offer exchange programs?

We Answered:

Most exchange students use an exchange company There are several major ones that you can find with a simple google search.

Be very careful, however, the programs are expensive and support after you are placed is usually substandard.

Also ... you will likely get answers and maybe e-mails from people from answers who are reps for many of these companies. These people troll the study abroad section for questions like this. Although some a well meaning volunteers, most (even if they say that they are volunteers) are paid in money and trips if they meet recruiting quotas.

If you want to go to college, be very careful about skipping a year of American school ... particularly if you are not fluent in he languages spoken in the country you choose.

You may find yourself way behind when you return.

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