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Vocational High Schools

Edith Said:

Is it possible to attend vocational schools without going to high school?

We Answered:

Yes, Although, when I did it I had been out of high school for 4 years. I did get my high school G.E.D. while I went for cosmetology. Best thing I ever did. I love what I do, and owned my own small business for 7 years. But if you can just hang in there, It would be a good move, as a diploma is much better than a G.E.D. Good Luck to You!

Gladys Said:

Are vocational high school good? Are they like regular high schools?

We Answered:

I go to vocational high school.
It is somewhat like a regular high school but yet completely different.
You usually have a week devoted to academic classes and the other week is for technical training.
In my school, as a freshman you explore your top 6 trades that you picked out when you filled out your application for admissions when you were in 8th grade.
You might also go through a "mini-explore" where you walk through all the trades and the trade teachers explain the curriculum within the trade.
After your exploratory you pick the trade you wanna be in the most, and in my school all the trades require a "shop uniform".
You usually take a class related to your trade during your academic, but in some schools it could be during your shop week.
Academic classes and programs and sports could vary.
But in my school you have the opportunity to take Honors classes, AP classes, and Spanish.
It is a good choice as far as I'm concerned, all though my family almost stopped me from going.

Gerald Said:

Do vocational high schools look bad when applying to colleges?

We Answered:

Not at all. I went to vo-tech for electronics. When I applied to college I wanted to get into the electronic technician program so my prior experience helped me.

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