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Vocational School Careers

Jane Said:

Good careers that only need a vocational school or no schooling at all?

We Answered:

Too many people go to college anyway. There aren't enough white collar jobs out there for as any BAs as there are. What the economy needs is more tradesmen. Seriously, I was just charged 80$ and hour for a plumber. There just aren't enough plumbers out there. That's a 2 year trade school diploma, or an apprenticeship through a union. (which you're paid for) Why take out 100K of college debt to make up to 20$ an hour as a store manager? It makes no sense to me. 15 years ago, I'd of said, go to college, and get through it. Today, in this economy, there are plenty of engineers designing wind turbines and solar panels, but they can't find enough people to build, install and upkeep them. These are professional trades.

Drafting is a good trade. Go for it. I have a friend who got his BS in Architecture, but now he just works at drafting, and still makes good money. He could be doing that with a 2 year Drafting certificate, or an apprenticeship.

In this economy especially, I feel it's important not to overextend your personal debt. So, in other words, college is overrated. (and I'm a college grad, and white collar worker who's seen very few success stories in my field lately) We're cutting back, and if you're younger than me (35) you're being furloughed, or laid off.


Jason Said:

If ur started on a career at a vocational school without takin ur gen stud. can u still transfer to universty?

We Answered:

You will need to complete the general education classes either before you are admitted or be required to take it as part of a conditional acceptance./

Harvey Said:

I am changing careers and need a repitable real estate vocational school.?

We Answered:

I don't have real estate background.

I change career and am now into MLM. If you are changing career, I encourage you to explore it too as an option.

A website I recommend is

Marian Said:

ho can i get a workers permit, for a job, if i go to a school at dunbar vocational career academy?

We Answered:

All work permits require attending school as a condition of the permit. So you need to get to school somehow. That's just the way the law is.

Ellen Said:

Is there such a thing as a residential vocational school?

We Answered:

If it is available to your area then there is.

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