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Vocational School Curriculum

Karen Said:

How great do my grades have to be for Fashion Institute of Technology?

We Answered:

I knew a girl who had much worse grades than you who got in! It's a fashion institute, so make sure you have a great portfolio and a great fashion sense. Really, knowing a ton about the Civil War won't help you in designing a new line of clothes unless you're designing for a fair or something. Just let them know how unique and intelligent your take on fashion is. Btw, your grades aren't bad!

Audrey Said:

Is the national curriculum too narrow and limiting the successful development and future of the UK's economy?

We Answered:

Of course it does, that is the point of a controlled economy, proles must remain proles there is only limited room on top,
move along please move along.....

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Anastasia said:

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golden age cheese said:

I don’t think it matters if you have a good or a bad grade to go to a fashion institute. The only thing is that you need a good vocabulary as well as good communication skill. The most important thing seems to be having a great load of creativity.

example of high school resume said:

Vocational schools are where you to to understand a expertise to get a job in that area. The system is usually smaller, maybe 9-10 several weeks compared to 2 decades for an AA level.

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ehr software said:

I think you need a 55 % and above to apply for fashion institute. And that is overall. In english you need a 70% and above i think.

EHR Software said:

Grades actually do not have anything to do with fashion designing. Language is one thing that you need to work on apart from your creativity for fashion. Because if you do not have a good language it is going to be a bit difficult to grow in the industry. said:

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vacational schooling advantageous for many students who are unable to go to school or college. said:

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fluff and fold said:

Knowing a ton about the Civil War won't help you in designing a new line of clothes unless you're designing for a fair or something! Fashion Institute of Technology is the one and the only platform to polish your fashion designing skills!