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Vocational School In Ohio

Lynn Said:

Dental School, but still getting through high school.Any advice?

We Answered:

Dental Assisting is a great way to work your way through school and learn about life and dentistry. Good for you for doing this and for getting outstanding grades! I have three kids working for me, starting since work-study during senior year in high school and all are on track in various stages to go to dental school. They take a full load of courses at the local colleges AND job share at my office. They are all fully certified and licensed dental assistants now.

Dental Assisting gives them a much better income than anything their peers are earning 1-5 years out of high school. And yes, they all want to become pediatric dentists! My advice is 1.) to do what it takes to get A's in your prerequisites for dental school, and 2.) find a pediatric dentist to work for and mentor you.

Working for a pediatric dentist for a few years will give you everything you need to know about being a pediatric dentist. My assistants also volunteer at free dental clinics and screening in our community and occasionally with other dentists just to see how other dentists 'do it.' They are all highly motivated and an inspiration to everyone who hears their stories. They have a lot of patient families in our practice and dentists in the community rooting for them!

Find a pediatric dentist, show them my comments and tell them that this is what you want to do. If you are willing to learn, capable and motivated, I don't know any pediatric dentists who wouldn't find a way to help you along your path.

Glenn Said:

I feel like my friend doesn't respect my decision for me to go to College?

We Answered:

-That's HER "problem"- not Yours. You Believe in challenging yourself & furthering your Education, and She believes in getting Trained for a position in the Working World... BOTH of these are Noble "ends"- because eventually you'll both end up gainfully employed & seeking success in your Own Fields of Interest. In other Words, -you're BOTH headed for the same "destination"- you'll just be taking different paths to get there ! You still have PLENTY of time until you both Graduate H. S. . I'm sure you & your friend will grow to Respect each Others Decisions... Good Luck. :)

Cory Said:

•I would like to help my friend, she's unemployed and living in a shelter, what can I do?

We Answered:

A room in a private home would cost $250 ( usually a little more but the home owner would be understanding of your friend's situation). See if you can get $250 together to pay for her first month of independent living..

Bessie Said:

Is it possible to be accepted into a community college if .....?

We Answered:

Since you are 24, your highschool grades shouldn't matter. The community college will give you a placement test to determine where you should begin. You should talk to the financial aid department and ask them to help you apply for a 'pell grant'. You can get money for each year and it doesn't have to be paid back as long as you finish your courses. Good luck!

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