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Vocational School In The Philippines

Johnnie Said:

Help in translation (from English to Filipino)?

We Answered:

1.ang kurso ay naabot ang aking mga inaasahan
2. depending on the use
i agree =sumasang-ayon ako
agree = sang ayon
3. disagree =hindi sang-ayon
hindi sumasang-ayon
4. iba pang mga komento/suhestiyon

Andy Said:

how do i get friends here?

We Answered:

I suppose you could start asking people you are interested in if you can email them or try a chat room with your interests, friends are easy to find, true friendship takes time.

Wade Said:

vocational schools in the philippines?

We Answered:

hi! contact your local department of trade and industry for open seminars or workshops on the field that you are into. the cost will be cheaper. and if they don not have it, they might be able to direct you to a vocational school in their listing of businesses. another option will be, contacting TESDA.. they give out seminars on dressmaking every so often. good luck on your endeavor ! :)

Virginia Said:

Filipina's....What type of guy would you go for?

We Answered:

None of the above lists. I prefer my man being a European. Age difference should be 7-10 years.
The rest is for me to scale the guy if we both share many things in common.

Christopher Said:

Only in the Philippines?

We Answered:

The chinese business in philippines almost winner since before.You did not give over price to all costumer's even piny did you accept if somebody told you I don't have enough to buy something in the store of chinese did you give even you said lost. The philippines government spread bad news around the world they have corruption starting from President to all the way dawn the lawest level. But I don't know they have a good communications in U.S. or the other countries. Maybe they maid hocos pocos or black magic to all people. Don't worry U still won that problem. You know how to run your business right? so make magic also. Sorry for what I'm saying this only suggestion about income.

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