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Vocational School Loans

Audrey Said:

if i have bad credit and am trying to get a student loan to attend a vocational school and have been denied.?

We Answered:

Try other lenders. Be careful of loan sharks. Have you thought of having a student credit card instead? If not, visit… and see you may find one applicable to you.

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Jorge Said:

If i went back to school full time will my student loans from another school be put on hold?

We Answered:

If they are federally-backed student loans (Stafford or Perkins) then yes, they will be deferred as long as you are a full-time student. However, you will need to notify your lender of this.

If they are private loans, then most likely they will not be deferred.

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great britain essay said:

Vocational schooling makes a lot of options for the students who want to get students loan without having adequate credit score in their account. The benefits of the getting students loan for further education.The student loan should be paid in just time otherwise they should pay extra amount of money against the due date.


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