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Curtis Said:

What does the future hold for illegals after high school?

We Answered:

A lot of illegal immigrants have been accepted to universities and colleges in America. The main problem that they face, however, is the cost of tuition. Most of them are asked to pay for "out of state" tuition even if they apply to a school in their state of residence. On top of that, illegal immigrants aren't given access to federal financial aid (i.e. FAFSA) since they do not have a social security number. This discourages a lot of illegals from even applying to college.

The main problem here is the lack of real opportunities illegal immigrants have. A lot of them want to live to the best of their abilities but are shut down because of their undocumented status. While I understand that jumping a fence or sneaking into the country isn't the best way to experience America, I also understand what it's like to come from a crappy country. Most Americans today don't get the fact that illegal Mexican immigrants have it much better as gardners or Wal-Mart cashiers than they have ever had it in their hometown. On the other hand, future undocumented immigrants have to understand that without a social security number, it will be very difficult for them to move up the economic ladder.

So what should be done? And what WILL be done? It really depends on who is elected into office within the next few years and who chooses to take real action. I think that the immigration process should be much more organized and efficient for both the government and potential immigrants. Nonetheless, immigration will always be a messy issue in a place like the U.S.

Lois Said:

What is Cisco? Something about Vocational School?

We Answered:

cisco is like the worlds largest networking equipment brand.

I have done the cisco course and it's just networking.

they first teach you really basic computer stuff for the first week and then you get to learn more about which cable does what.
later you have to learn how to be a helpdesk person.
then you learn how to give devices such as routers and switches adresses.

you will learn a lot about the internet for example security and how ISP's work.

you will get a lot of easy tests and some hands on activitys but overall it is pretty easy and most of the time you will be just on the internet doing whatever you want.

I say do it since it is an internationally recognised certification.

here is the website:

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Do you want to say that Cisco is bad cours?

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We don’t know anything about their fate. What do you know! They can be more successful than you in their life. We don’t know anything. I hope the government will bring some laws which will help the illegals to continue education.

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