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Vocational School Vs College

Dale Said:

Vocational school vs. Community college?

We Answered:

Community colleges are substantially cheaper. Plus, you may be able to apply the credits toward a degree later on. The job placement rate may be slightly better at a vocational school, but I wouldn't trust it in this economy. With a CC, you could at least get Pell Grants and Stafford Loans.

Leslie Said:

vocational school vs a community college?

We Answered:

Vocational school.. teach more of a trade and cost quite a bit more, and should you quit or drop out.. you still owe..

whereas.. in a community college.. they teach you, your subject matter.. and it does not cost near as much.. U would be better to remain there..

good luck

Hector Said:

Is it possible to work as a dental assistant and work my way upto being a hygenist?

We Answered:

No, you cannot work your way up from a DA to a DH.

I have seen DAs become Office Mangers, but you need to get licensed to become a DH.

That is why you cannot just work your way up. You have to meet the standards through professional training and licensing exams since you will be directly providing care.

1. You can work under a dentist and become a dental assistant (DA) without any problem. You don't have to go to school to become a DA (as far as I know).

However, your pay will be less compared to the DA that went to school.

2. Once a DA, you will always be a DA, unless you go back to school to become a dental hygienist (DH).

3. To get into the DH program you will need to get done with some prerequisites

Therefore, it is better to go to school to become a DA now (if you want to become a DA now and a DH later) and utilize some of those course credits towards that.

4. As far as I know, some Community Colleges do offer DH programs. Graduating from those is just as good.

You can still get jobs easily with good recommendations.

I don't know if there will be any difference in the starting salary though.

Still it should be a good bargain because :

1. your cost for tuition will be significantly less.

2. you will get raise with experience anyway.

3. your salary will also depend on where you work.

Good luck !!

Pedro Said:

Vocational Vs. College?

We Answered:

Most county vocational-technical (vo-tech) schools offer cosmetology training. They are typically much less expensive than the private beauty schools. One would have to take a certain number of hours and instruction and receive hands-on training in subjects including basic anatomy (and perhaps some basic chemistry) of hair, skin and nails, haircutting and styling, haircoloring and other chemical processes such as perms and straighteners, skin care including facials, nails/manicuring/sculpturing, hair removal including waxing, shop management and customer service skills.

The cosmetology school typically offers a clinic to the public where the students can get practice on actual customers after taking a certain number hours of training. And even for a job in a regular salon as a shampoo assistant, one must at least have a permit from a cos program or at least that is how it used to be. I had once tried to apply for such a job :)

How about looking at a couple of county vo-tech schools and comparing the prices and location of the school in addition to going in person and see if you take to the cosmetology teachers. And just a word to the wise, it can be difficult making a steady income at first in the field as one needs to 'get a book' of regular customers and that may take a couple of years. I personally would really enjoy that field but I am so allergic to all of those scents and odors from the perms, hairspray, haircolor :) I also have a bad neck and back and the job requires a lot of standing. You are very fortunate and wishing you the best!

Myrtle Said:

vocational school vs community college?

We Answered:

The answer depends on what you will learn at the academy and whether almost all its graduates go immediately to good jobs with promotional opportunities.

Kyle Said:

Community College vs Vocational Schools. Pros & Cons?

We Answered:

i transfered to a vocational school from community college,
the vocational school is small you take all of your classes with the same people, the schedule is the same for everyone.. it is more like high school
in community college you will be taking general classes with everyone and you may not get the times you like, the classes are bigger as well and it is not as personal as vocational school. there tends to be more "rules" in vocational school but i like it. The important thing to consider is when you go to look for a job, make sure the school you attend is well known and has a good reputation. otherwise employers will be hesitant on hiring you.

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