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Vocational Schools For Nursing

Lauren Said:

What schools are there for Nursing except for Cal State & UC.. Is better to attend like Devry, Everest?

We Answered:

Yeah, you'll get your degree faster but it won't as respected as Cal State. Stick with non-traditional universities. Lots of community colleges offer nursing programs, as well as state supported schools.

Michael Said:

My vocational high school has nursing to become a cna. is it better to take that now before i do college ?

We Answered:

Taking the CNA class is a good start, however, in Ohio, most LTC places want you to be state tested "STNA". While going to school for nursing, your CNA certification will allow you to work/earn money for school supplies, etc. Best of luck. My son just finished his STNA class and passed the State Test with 95%. Best of luck !

Charlene Said:

What are different types of nursing?

We Answered:

Nursing is a noble profession. There are a number of disciplines, including geriatrics (working with older people), pediatriacs (working with younger people), trauma (working in an emergency room), research (working in a laboratory), ob/gyn (working with women and pregnancy), hospitalist (working with ill patients) and a thousand others.

As a nursing aide, you'd generally start in a hospital or doctor's office setting. The early on work isn't glamorous, but it gives you a solid foundation to consider where you want your career to go.

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