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Vocational Schools In Australia

Doris Said:

Are there sandwich trainings, in the hotel business restoration(catering), in your country?

We Answered:


Perry Said:

So aside from going back to college something else I have on my mind....PJ?

We Answered:

When you think of PJ's, think of Special Forces or Navy Seals, not the Rangers.

They have a 80% washout rate.

So do you think your fit enough to be in Special Forces ?

If not, then your not fit enough to be a PJ

Stella Said:

13 1/2yr get a job in Australia?

We Answered:

Try your local paper shop.

Steven Said:

13 1/2yr get a job in Australia?

We Answered:

Not many people will hire you, your too young.

Go back to pokemon

Roberta Said:

What should I write in my thank you note to my aunt I barely know? She sent me money out of the blue.?

We Answered:

Dear Aunt Mary,

Thank you for the gift of money. I really appreciate it! It was great hearing from you.

Hope to see you soon.

Your name

Don Said:

Good TAFE to study in Melbourne?

We Answered:

northern or northern metropolitan tafe has campuses in preston, collingwood, and maybe bundoora and coburg. these are easy to access from bundoora

Ida Said:

13 1/2yr get a job in Australia?

We Answered:

That link is from the UNITED STATES and has nothing to do with Australia. A 13 year old is a hindrance in any workplace. The amount of supervision they require for anything takes too much time and $$$ that it costs the company money to employ anyone under 15. As such the only people who do work under this age work in FAMILY businesses.

Have you got a first aid certificate? If not I understand why you would not get any work baby-sitting. No-one owes you a job - you have to prove you are responsible to get one - a starting point is to get references from doing something for free - get qualifications like a first aid certificate and then look for work.

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