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Vocational Schools In Canada

Terrence Said:

Needing help on getting my information straight about moving to Canada with my mother.?

We Answered:…

Check everything you need to know at Govt of Canada Immigration.

By the way, do you speak French? You should know in advance that New Brunswick has 2 official languages - English and French. I'm sure you'll be fine with just English but thought you might want to know that French is also used a lot in NB. As for employment, I'm not sure it's the best place. Housing prices are far lower than most of the country but this may indicate that job opportunities are also lower. It's a very friendly place and is bordered by the Atlantic Ocean. :)

In Alberta, jobs are almost always plentiful. You'll also find the cost of housing much higher than New Brunswick but sort of average for the nation. Canada has 2 official languages but the province has only English. Taxes in Alberta are lower because there is no provincial sales tax but there is federal tax on goods and services of 5%. In NB, there is a combined federal and provincial sales tax of 13%.

As for personal income tax, you'll find it much higher than in the US if that's where you're moving from. You should check this out as well or you could be in for a bit of a shock.

Good luck!

Lois Said:

Is it possible for me to live in Canada?

We Answered:

Canada is in recession as well. It is very hard to find a job here too. Unless you are willing to work in the winter, outdoors, in a place where it can be 40 below.

If you want to move to Canada, here is a link to the Canadian government web site with the information.…

You can take this test to see if you might qualify…

One of the most popular ways of entering Canada is as a skilled worker. Follow this link to see if you are eligible…

However, Canadian employers will often not hire a person without Canadian employment experience, which you cannot get until someone offers you a job. The problem is that so many previous immigrants from countries other than the US, the UK, Australia, New Zealand or north western Europe have had false credentials that Canadian employers are wary of hiring people from other places than listed.

The process of moving to Canada can take up to three years and can cost $10,000 in government fees. Permanent residency in Canada is not free.

If you are a US citizen, an easier to way to work in Canada, at least on a temporary basis may be under NAFTA. However, you must be a member of certain specialty occupations.…

These occupations are listed here.

As well, if you are an H-1B visa holder in the USA, you may be eligible to apply for permanent residence in Canada.…

Also note that you do not need to know any French to immigrate to Canada unless you plan to live in the province of Quebec.

As for getting a job in Canada, because so many immigrants from countries outside the USA and the UK have falsified degrees, Canadian employers generally do not accept them unless they already have Canadian experience in their field with another Canadian employer. It is common for engineers and the like from Asia and the Middle East, even with a PhD, to be taxi drivers or parking lot attendants.

Regardless, after a fast start Canada’s recovery from the recession has slowed down and it is very difficult to find a job in Canada. It will be easier when you see that Canada’s unemployment rate is below 6%.

Do note that it is not possible to live in Canada by yourself or support a family with a minimum wage job.

Travis Said:

Teens: Is there a lot of competition at your school when it comes to college apps?

We Answered:

The school I went to and the school I teach in now are both highly competitive, and many go to the Ivy League.

Victor Said:

vocational schools in the us, canada or australia that offer machining or machine shop course?

We Answered:


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