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Vocational Schools In Florida

Anthony Said:

Joining the State Police - What requirements - What is advantagous?

We Answered:

The most necessary requirement for any police officer - is that you need a seared conscience and that you would not hesitate to kill someone.

With your wanting to go into the Army - would certainly clarify the above - but; you should consider as you mentioned - being an MP, or related field - that would look great on a resume ... and,

Being an MP - you would also prove that you have no hang ups even to shoot your fellow soldiers - that would be a definate bonus and you should have no problem at all inforcing State Statutes, Codes, Regulations that are unconstitutional upon "We the People" and you should rest well at night after a hard day's work of meeting quotas by even handing tickets out to innocent people so you can look "good" on reports and get promoted.

Hope this answered you well.



Janet Said:


We Answered:

Other places in the UK offer sport's sciences you know. Go to the UCAS website.

I would advise you to do the degree you want as you will get a better grade from that.

Very few individuals will start in the Lent term (Feb), much better to begin in Sept with the other new freshers.

Have you got your heart set on London or on the Degree? really think about this.

Albert Said:

what do i need to work as a vehicle inspector,do i need a license or a certificated.?

We Answered:

I was with the NY State Vehicle Inspector services. It is called in this state : Vehicle Safety Services and/or Bureau of consumer and Facility services. I had started by filing an application. It is a State job and therefore listed on your States web site. I needed to have a minimum of 5 years on the job as an Automotive Technicion. Or a combination of working and trade school meeting the 5 years. I had to take a written test which was a combination of practical and reading comprehension. I passed and was called because my numbers where high enough (Reachable) to be called. I was then trained by the Bureau (DMV)in such things as writing reports and legal training (Court appearances are par) All in all I enjoyed my 19 years. You have to find out if this position is run by the DMV or Consumer affairs. Check Florida DMV Web site Also; Most State and City jobs have books (Crib notes?) that you can get in Walden Books and/or Barnes & Noble

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