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Vocational Schools In Montreal

Victoria Said:

Where can I get English Language Firefighter training in Quebec?

We Answered:

Information is below.

Jim Said:

please proof read my letter?

We Answered:

Capitalize all your i's
All errors are capitalized in the following:

line 1 : I'm writing to express my interest IN PURSUING my studies in nursing. Attending x college is a mandatory step to ACHIEVING my goals.

line 2 : I would PROVE TO BE a good candidate because i am familiar with the health field having completed courses in Health Assistance and Nursing at a vocational school XX.

line 3 : ...I am APPLYING as a mature yet unique student who is mentally prepared
(no comma)
to work hard in order to succeed. If given the chance, X college is where I would like to pursue my studies.

line 4 : One of my first nursing-related memories IS as a girl-guide -- our meetings were held at the x hospital. I was no older than 9 years, WATCHING patients being wheeled back and forth and food tray carts being moved down the halls. I would walk through the doors and watched the friendly nurses and admired the peculiar hospital aroma - being a witness to this routine, I was inspired to become a nurse.

line 5 : A recent memory would be working at the Montreal Association for the blind
(or for the Blind if the name includes that)
where a blind patient gave me a signed card. The gesture was unexpected and I was happy to know I could make such an impact in a person's life.

line 6 : As a teenager, I would go and help my grandmother, who had a nursing home, with small chores like serving food and laundry. I did not get to the know her residents very well because I was very shy, it was an experience, nonetheless. My grandmother has now retired after 25 years of service as a nurse.

I have clear goals for my future and it is to become a nurse. My dream is to work in the ICU with babies. I am a dedicated, hard worker and I assure you that the X college will make a good choice in keeping my candidature.
Yours sincerely,

Brian Said:

I want to study computing support in montreal ,quebec, canada?

We Answered:

I`m sorry but you didn`t state the name of the college or educational facility in Montreal, so it is impossible for me to tell you how the school is when I don`t know which one you are talking about.

Herzing College in Montreal is a school that specializes in getting people trained for specific careers. They have at least four programs in the IT field to choose from. That may help you.

As for how easy it is to get a job afterwards, that depends on how skilled you are. Are you a people person? Are you able to communicate properly and effectively with co-workers and management in either English or French? Is what you are learning relevant to the industry by the time you enter the workforce? Will the economy have improved so that more people in the IT field are being hired? Are you a good salesperson and can sell the product (which is you) to a prospective employer?

The question should not be Can I make money in this program? but rather Is this something I will enjoy doing and can I make a living doing computer support?

I don't know you so I can only comment based on your original posted message. And I will be brutally honest here. If I am having a problem with my computer and I am already frustrated, and I call you for computer support. If you speak to me in the same way as you wrote the message above, I would get even more frustrated and probably ask to speak to someone else or hang up. My time is valuable, and if the person on the other end does not speak the same language as I do or cannot communicate their ideas or instructions well, I am wasting my time.

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