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Vocational Schools In Oklahoma

Minnie Said:

Will federal student aid cover a vocational school?

We Answered:

You can check the list for FAFSA codes at:… if they are listed then yes, you can get federal financial aid. You can also check with the school to see if they have scholarships available.

Sarah Said:

Do you think it is a good idea to move with fiancee?

We Answered:

I can only tell you that I wouldn't move that far without some sort of plan already in place. Like if you can transfer to a school up there and know that it's all in place BEFORE you move. That way you have other resources to draw on and other goals you're working on and you're not just moving for your buddy.

Or make sure you two are married before you go.

Look, I'm a Navy wife. I've dealt with a lot of young couples faced with this decision in the 16 years since I had to make it myself. I know a lot of people who have moved to follow a boyfriend or a fiance. I know people who it has worked out for but I also know people who broke up once they moved. It's a hard thing to be in a new area with no friends and no resources while brokenhearted. It makes me glad that I held out for a ring on my finger before I followed the love of my life.

Being married won't guarantee you'll make it but it will give you some legal protections that just living together doesn't. If you don't go into the move as a married couple make sure that you'll be able to deal emotionally and financially if things go bad and he kicks you out of his apartment. At least as a wife you'd have some protection.

Zachary Said:

I need help on this one??? Traveling with boyfriend!!!?

We Answered:

I really do not see any thing wrong in ur going unless there is some thing else u have not said. What I advise u to do is to sit down and weigh the pros and cons of going with him at this time. In doing so make sure that any decision u take altimately lead to happiness.

If its a sacrifice u can make, I would rather u go with him after all he is ur boy friend and committment is ur problem at this time.

I wish u luck!

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