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Vocational Schools In Texas

Sheila Said:

Some students at my school are getting there Pell grant checks while others are not ,is this wrong ?

We Answered:

first of all students are not getting the PELL grant sent directly to them. ALL PELL grant money is first sent to the school. And all students to NOT receive the same amount of PELL grant money. All other financial aid goes to the school. The school will first deduct what a student owes for the bill (tuition and fees and then housing and meal plan if the student had one) The amount that is left over is then refunded to the student. So several things affect how soon a student gets there refunds. Many schools give refunds to full-time students earlier then part-time students. If a student has a student loan as part of their financial aid, the loan money is not disbursed until 30 days after the first day of class, therefore those students don't get their refund until after that point. If a student turned in paperwork or verification documents late, they get their refund later.

You need to talk with your financial aid office and your bursur's office, if they have received all of your financial aid money AND you have met ALL of your requirements, they only have 30 days from the day they receive your money to either apply it to your bill or refund it to you.

But the bottom line, each student has a different award package, different requirements and aid coming from different sources. When it comes to financial aid, you CANNOT make assumptions based on what happened with other classmates or what other's received, you have to go to the offices and speak to someone about your individual case.

Isaac Said:

what state has the best school for deaf/blind multiple disability?

We Answered:

i've never heard of a school. what i have heard is of an intervener being specifically hired to work with the child..

unfortunately, there are not enogh interveners to go around

if these people don't know about any schools, i don't know who would…

i do not of schools for severe needs, but none specifically for deaf/blind

is she a candidate for ABA? you may want to look for ABA schools that are able to incorporate deaf/blind techniques

can she make requests..i would give her a request box with objects (small size) plate for food, cup for drink, something to represent a toy, small blanket piece for bed, can use doll house items.

she can learn when she hands you one, she gets something..this can be taught with ABA

unfortunately, the one school i can think of that would be accommodating--inlcuding using an intervener..only takes students through middle school level at this point. I don't know when they will expand to older students.

you can look at rutgers douglass developmental center
princeton child development center
and eden

all are autism schools in NJ

any district would need to bring in the appropriate services...if you find one that has a good autism program, they can bring in deaf/blind services.

there is a school for the blind..ST Joseph's

and one for the deaf..Katzenbach.....but I don't know how they will be with the autism...

most of the public school programs are inclusion based

Matheny is good for multiple disabilities and has a residential componant

Marvin Said:

Retinal Detachment Emergency?

We Answered:

I used the county hospital for my detached retina. I'm diabetic and I have my eyes checked every year. However, I'm also near-sighted and a double risk for this sort of thing. I would use the county facility and do it now, not in two weeks. You do not have two weeks with this kind of condition. You do not have two days. Hurry Up! Incidentally, the county did an outstanding job of corrective surgery for me. Trust them! You have no choice.

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