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Vocational Schools In Uk

Cynthia Said:

Any financial advice for an American wanting to go to drama school in the UK?

We Answered:

Sorry to say but there are very few, if any, international scholarships out there for vocational training. International education is a luxury, not a right, so it is the responsibility of the student and his/her family to finance the majority of the costs of obtaining an education overseas. If you do not have the money saved then you need to weigh your options and look into good schools in the US. You could always pursue an internship in the UK during your schooling or see if there are any shorter term study-abroad opportunities through your drama school.

Sergio Said:

I want to Enroll in a Foreign school, I need help finding financial aid, ideas?

We Answered: - try this site. It has info about different US scholarships for college students and their grades requirements.

Loretta Said:

Can somebody tell me if Thames International College located at 9 tavistock place in london a legitimate one?

We Answered:

Yes they are legitimate. They are on the Register of Tier 4 Sponsors (approved education providers), so you would be able to obtain a student visa by studying there.…

As a student you can work 20 hours per week as long as it does not interfere with your studies and you can work full time in vacations.

You are also allowed to complete work placements as long as they are assessed as part of your course and provided they do not exceed 50% of the total length of the course.

Ralph Said:

How does the British school system work?

We Answered:

Thanks for your input on you system it always bugs me when I watch films from your side of the 'pond'. So I’ll return the favour.

Primary School - The first School children attend sometimes they have nurseries attached. This is how the grades (we call them levels/years) are divided. In what year a child is placed depend on whether their birthday is before of after the 1st September.

Nursery - Not compulsory ages from 2/3 - 4.

Reception - age 4-5

Year 1 -age 5-6

Year 2 - age 6-7

Year 3 - age 7-8

Year 4 - age 8-9

Year 5 - age 9-10

Year 6 - age 10-11

Those who then attain the age of 11 then move on to High School (we don’t have middle school anymore, was scrapped at the end of the 80's).

High School - Compulsory attendance years.

Year 7 - age 11-12

Year 8 - age 12-13

Year 9 - age 13-14

Year 10 - age 14-15

Year 11 - age 15- 16

At the age of 16 the compulsory attendance period is over. Students can then go on to get a job or continue onto sixth form to complete their A-Levels or go on to do vocational courses i.e. hairdresser, plumbing etc

Sixth form

Year 12 - age16-17

Year 13 - age 17-18

Providing Students have the grades they can then go on the study bachelors at University which usually last for 3 years. I’m currently 20 and Ill be completing my final year of my Bachelor of Laws (LLB) this September after which I plan to study another year for my Masters (LLM).

Hopefully now we're both a little clearer on the subject.

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