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Vocational Schools In Usa

Vickie Said:

What Do You Guys Think?

We Answered:

You do not need to have a or be in a photography major to start your own commercial photography business.

Photography is an art, so when it comes to business, a degree does not matter much. It is your portfolio, which shows your skills more than a degree, that matters.

However, doctors is a more technical skill, hence having degrees are better.

In your case, I would do the Allied Health route. If money will be an issue, get a part-time job now, and start looking into starting your own photography business on your spare time. Since businesses take time to build up, most likely you will have a lot of spare time, which you can take on a part-time job.

Warren Said:

Anyone familiar with skills USA?!?

We Answered:

Where are you located, city and state. What classes are you taking at school. Hopefully I can help with more information.

Anne Said:

Are there many those who want to be a celebrity or a make-up artist without academic aspiration in USA?

We Answered:

Well, the aspirations of American high school students are very diverse. Usually, there are a very few students who aspire to be a celebrity or a make-up artist instead of going to an university because the chances are slim and risky.

Unless they have been brought up to perform or have connections in the entertainment industry, students usually go for the academics.

I can't speak for everyone in the US, but I'm thinking about going into medical school or business, because I have no artistic talent what so ever. But also because there's only a slim chance in becoming famous.

Mathew Said:

How can I live in the USA by marrying my girlfriend? ?

We Answered:

Yes, she can file a petition for you known as a K1 fiance visa. If approved, you will be able to come to the USA and get married, then adjust status to permanent resident.

The affidavit of support may be a problem, she would have to make 125% of the poverty level for a family of 2. For 2008 this is $17,500.

If she doesn't make enough, there would need to be a joint sponsor, ideally her parents, but it can be be anyone. In addition, you can use any assets you both may have, but the assets portion has to be 5X the amount needed to reach the poverty level. So if she makes $15000 a year, you would need $2500x5, or $12500 in assets. If she makes $17500, you guys are OK, although it is always good to be a little more in case the poverty level is raised while your petition is pending.

Anyway, your situation is not uncommon, and should be straightforward as long as you guys have enough money to file the forms, AND the affidavit of support can be done.

Alma Said:

How to be a certified Ferrari / Maserati mechanic?

We Answered:

You take the classes and pass a test to become certifyed

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