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Vocational Schools In Va

Sergio Said:

I am debating on moving?

We Answered:

It sounds as if you prefer to have drama in your life. This doesn't mean childish drama, rather drama that keeps your adrenaline going. You have so many positives working for you now and a move would unsettle all the security surrounding what you have accomplished. Stability is the key. Your truck is stolen and this creates hostility or anxiety so to cope with those feelings, you want to forget about the solidness you have established and run away. Face the fact that there will be wrong-doing no matter where you go. Suppose you move, you get to have bad neighbors, a crappy landlord, more theft, more insecurity in finding new stores, shops, familiarities...etc.
Don't move. Learn to handle your drama-excitement and be thankful and grateful for all the good things you have accomplished.

Carol Said:

Does this sound like a therapist?

We Answered:

This is a reflection on her, not you. She is a mediocre, dependent person, and wants everyone else to be mediocre and dependent too.

I went through this with my school counselor. I was a straight A student, and won all sorts of academic awards, and I was told that I should go to a local, mediocre college. I ignored the counselor's advice. I went to one of the top 3 universities in the country, got a great education in the field that wanted to study, and was of course making more money than the counselor the minute I graduated. Not that money is any measure of success or happiness. But I have those too, and she is still mediocre.

Travis Said:

Im trying to go to Law Enforement Academy Using my GiBill, but how?

We Answered:

read here:

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