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Vocational Schools New York

Tamara Said:

Does anyone know Robert Packard connected with a golf course in the Lake Champlain area of New York State?

We Answered:

Results Summary: 14 ROBERT PACKARD / 99 R PACKARD…

Dwayne Said:

jerome a scope?

We Answered:

try white

Jeff Said:

Deciding whether or not college is for me?

We Answered:

There's nothing wrong with Following your dreams. But ALways Have a Backup plan.

I know College courses are pretty much a waist of time. I don't need to take Composition or English to become a Doctor, i already know how to write. But its just something i have to suck up and do.

IF anything, If you are Better than most performers out there, Broadcast yourself on youtube or find someone interested in your talents. I mean, This annoying guy on Youtube "FRED" has a Movie for being annoying, but people think he's funny. You don't have to choose 1 or the other. Do both. Either way, After you are done with college, you'lll have a high paying job. After you get ur performance arts deal, you'll have a high paying job.

Sorry i don't know any schools for performing arts.

Goodluck to you

don't sweat it you're still young. just enjoy whtever comes to you.

Terrance Said:

Want to find Robert Packard associated with a golf course near Lake Champlain, New York.?

We Answered:

These links will help you

Good luck and take care

Naomi Said:

Financial Aid For Film Studies at NYFA (NEW YORK FILM ACADEMY)?

We Answered:

First of all, congratulations on getting into NYFA! That's a great accomplishment, and I'm proud that you're representing the females!

There are many scholarships available for students to help them pay for college. You can read about them here:…

Here are sites that offer film scholarships:…………

Here are sites that offer scholarships to international students:……………

Here are sites that offer general scholarships:……

Good luck!

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get essays written for you said:

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Stroke of Genius Free PDF said:

Beaver says I also have such interest, you can read my profile here: said:

The worst part of it was that the software only worked intermittently and the data was not accurate. You obviously canot confront anyone about what you have discovered if the information is not right.