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Vocational Schools Ohio

Larry Said:

wild lands firefighting?

We Answered:

Wild land firefighting requirements are below.

Claudia Said:

Which school should I go to for nursing?

We Answered:

All Nursing Schools makes it easy to find the schools that interest you. Search for nursing programs by degree type, location or specialty. Read detailed fact sheets on featured schools, then get in touch with admissions officers by requesting information.…

Monica Said:

Ohio "Circumstantial" Emancipation?

We Answered:

you will not be emancipated for situations involving criminal activity besides, you need to go to court to get emancipated and ti's not free and no lawyer of judge is going to agree with your reasons

Andy Said:

Transferring College Credits ? ?

We Answered:

Yes, your credits will transfer anywhere as long as the school is regionally accredited and the school you're transferring to offers the same class.

Tracey Said:

Stressful decision over school (little long) But i NEED help on this?

We Answered:

well zach i was thinking about doing the samething most of my friends want to go half day because there in ap english and it looks good on collages idk if thats a good idea for u unless u can drive. i choose not to because i was not sure if i would like it once i got in it also i wanted to do another class and couldnt choose which on to do, many people go to tolles because ive heard that the other main classes (english mathe ect) r easier there then at london or because they hated the high school they went, but as for u i would either wait till ur jounier year and go to get all of u classes that u need or go ur jounier year and if u hate it come back ur senoir year (if u can idk bout that)

Eddie Said:

I'm 15 and want to be a cosmetologist?

We Answered:

Here is a website I think you will find useful. It has information about different cosmetology schools in Ohio.

Good luck!

Holly Said:

when does a certified nursing certificate in ohio expire?

We Answered:

sorry, it expired back in 07. in the state of ohio if you do not work one eight hour shift every two years, then your liscense is revoked. however, if you want to get it back, all you need to do is schedule to take a refresher course, or just go take your test again.

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