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Vocational Subjects In Schools

Ann Said:

Is there a way to become an audio/sound engineer w/o having to attend a vocational school specializing in it?

We Answered:

Why are you set on completing this degree at a university? The community college offers a certificate in music recording technology and an Associates degree in the field in 2 years! Our students graduate and are immediately hired because part of the curriculum is exposure to industry professionals that hire them upon completion.

Don't limit yourself. Explore all of the options available.

Bessie Said:

I have a friend who wants to take a college course in Pottery and ceramics. Isn't this a big waste of money?

We Answered:

I question first that ".....many vocational schools offer such subjects...." although you could surprise me, unless you consider junior and community colleges with arts courses to be vocational schools, which I do not.
Ceramics is a technical field and becoming fully trained in it requires strong resources in science. Ceramics these days includes things ranging from cook ware to high voltage insulators to tough counter tops and decorative mass production.
Pottery is the artistic creation of clay based objects and while it is only a small portion of ceramics, it also requres knowledge and training in the chemistry of color and glazes as well as the forming and firing of the many types of clays. Most potters limit themselves to one type of kiln and clay in order to reduce complications, but that doesn't mean it is always that way.

Pamela Said:

What would be some good careers for this man:?

We Answered:

Good at art? What about design of some sort?

What about a baker? A free-lance photographer? These are just some ideas, but there are a lot of career tests you can take online if you want more.

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