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Vocational Tech Schools

Ethel Said:

Can I get a student loan for tech school?

We Answered:

Besides looking to loans and grants you should also sign up for those grocery rewards programs that give you education dollars when you shop.

Roy Said:

HVAC or Auto Tech-help, I applied to a vocational highschool?

We Answered:

If you don't get culinary arts, I would go for HVAC tech. There are a lot more job opportunities in this field than auto tech. And the pay is better.

Lillie Said:

will going to a tech school mess up my chances of getting into a good college?

We Answered:

If you are at a vocational high school and you have taken the required courses for getting into college, then you can go to college. (This usually means 4 years of high school English, at least 3 of math, science, history, etc.)

That being said, if your vocational high school does not offer AP/IB classes, it can affect your ability to go to the top colleges in the country. Assuming you don't want to go Ivy League, there's no reason you shouldn't be accepted into college. Just keep your grades as high as possible in your college-prep classes and do as well on your SAT/ACT as possible. And speak to another counselor in your school--tell them you are committed to learning your trade AND going to college, and want to know if other people who have followed your path have succeeded. Good luck.

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