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Jo Said:

hey look at this?

We Answered:

i do not think we should have any bright intelligent minds wasted in war. If it is something u want to do and it seems right to you then do it. I am not sure but if u got yourself a lawyer and made the point to say what u just said legally u could possibly change that rule!

Terri Said:

I Am Practically At Wit's End...?

We Answered:

<<I am at wit's end, folks. If nothing clears up soon, my life's wrecked...>>

I hear ya. It sucks. I know. Depression is a health problem known as an autonomic neuropathy - the cause of most common health problems caused by over-active neurons (nerve cells) that regulate automatic body functions like emotional intensity via brain chemicals (neuro-transmitters). Those neurons also are impacted by chemicals we eat, touch, and breath.

Avoiding chemicals calms neurons. I have to know these things because I am acutely chemically sensitive. One of my symptoms of that is depression. For instance, I must eat an organic diet to avoid depression. Processed foods, such as flour, even organic flour can trigger depression. Probably because grains are processed with tap water, which is not organic.

If a neuron is unhealthy enough, it will become over-excited (neurological term) aka over-active to toxins and cause a health problems like faulty brain chemistry resulting in problems like depression. The meds you take are neuron (nerve cell) sedatives. They calm those over-active neurons, which in turn prevents the faulty brain chemistry thing.

Your meds aren't doing the job, which means they aren't calming the neurons as they should. Why? The common sense reason is because the neurons are far too over-active (excited) for the drug. The drug
alone isn't getting the job alone. Thus to help them along you need an organic diet, but you can start out by avoiding only one food at a time to see if that one is the trigger.

The common sense approach to food elimination is to avoid one that is in most foods. That's milk. Switch to organic WHOLE milk and see if you feel better. Non-organic milk caused me severe depression. Use organic WHOLE only because it's the only one that is fully organic. Also avoid non-oragnic processed foods including cured meats (bacon, lunch meant, ham) because those are cured using non-organic lactic acid from milk.

Or just go on a fully whole food (produce) and organic eggs an or organic meat organic diet and see if you feel better. Your depressive feelings are an allergic-like reaction so think of them that way. Life events cause sadness. Neuropathies cause depression. Chemicals in the environment can also cause neuropathies, hence depression. This is something long known by environmental allergists.
Please watch the video below. You'll see exactly what I'm talking about. Good luck to you. If I think of anything else, I'll come back and add it on this answer.

Additional info: If on an organic diet you discover that your depression is triggered by a certain food, you'll need to check your meds inactive ingredients to make sure that food in not in your meds in the form of a drug filler like lactose, corn starch, wheat, or gelatin caps, all of which are not organic.If you are sensitivity to those foods in non-organic form and they are in your meds, then your meds can be causing the very problems they are supposed to correct. Doctors don't take that into consideration when prescribing drugs because chemical sensitivity is an under-diagnosed health problem. There is no test for it.

David Said:

Train to be a photographer? Course advise please?

We Answered:

I heard you can apply to be an apprentice with a professional ...

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