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Vocational Trade School

Max Said:

Where can I look for good nearby colleges? Like Trade school?

We Answered:

Go talk to someone who is already in the industry you are interested in.

Angel Said:

does anybody know of a trade school for photography or vocational school.?

We Answered:

Attitudinal learning? ops no wrong subject

Dont we all is a esay answer for you, now the truth.....

Actually until we learn something we arent smart enough to know what to learn and what not to. Did you want to learn "writing" at school? Has it been useful for you?

You might not want to learn fstops........ok thats the end of photography for you then.....or "alternative processes" or whatever, best wishes.


Darrell Said:

What should I do after trade school?

We Answered:

Consider entrepreneurship to set up your own salon. I do not believe that there are further programs in college for cosmetology itself./

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Actually until we learn something we arent smart enough to know what to learn and what not to.

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