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Vocational Trade Schools

Edgar Said:

Why are trade schools considered inferior to 4 year colleges?

We Answered:

I think that some people see trade school as the "lazy" way to get a degree. Obviously it isn't.

If anything, I wish I went to trade school. I would have spent less money on something more focused and to-the-point than spending 2 years taking literature classes that proved to be useless. If I went to trade school, I wouldn't have finished my major classes in 4 years only for advising to tell me "Oh we forgot to tell you, your foreign language credits don't count. You need to take at least 3 foreign language classes, and they must be the same language and they must be in separate semesters! Have fun paying a year of tuition money on German classes!"

Sherri Said:

What are the requirements of getting into trade/vocational school?

We Answered:

just your diploma. and well of course money. thats it.

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