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Vocational Welding Schools

Francis Said:

Is it safe to weld while pregnant?

We Answered:

If your shop has oxy-acetylene torches, those are a carbon monoxide hazard.…

Carbon monoxide gas CAN harm your baby. Don't use the acetylene torches, and keep your distance if anyone else is using them. You should talk to your teacher about carbon monoxide from the torches possibly harming your baby. If he's planning on having a class period about using the torches, maybe he can have you do something else in another room.

Besides the oxy-acetylene torches, the main dangers from welding are
-Heat and molten metal (not likely to hurt your baby)

-Ultraviolet light from the arc which can cause "sunburns" and/or eye damage. (not dangerous to your baby)

-Electric shock. In the case of welding this is only a hazard if you are either wearing damp gloves, or if there is standing water in the area. Both unlikely in a classroom setting.

-Dangerous power tools such as drills and grinders.(Dangerous to your hands and fingers but probably not dangerous to your stomach.) 8-)

-Heavy pieces of metal, heavy equipment. I probably don't have to tell you not to lift heavy objects. Ask someone else to help you lift things!

-The fumes from welding may also be harmful, particularly if the steel is dirty, rusty, greasy, or has paint or zinc plating on it. Make sure when you weld, you have lots of ventilation. Hopefully your high school shop has some equipment for dealing with fumes.

Good luck, and be sure to use common sense. If you think something might be dangerous, don't do it.

Thelma Said:

Welder: prospects for future.?

We Answered:

Welding will always be in demand to some degree. If its made of metal it can and will break or wear at some point and will need repair. It is up to us to be capable to make those repairs when needed. It sounds like you have a good start but if I were you I would not neglect mig and smaw welding skills as they can get "rusty" and you will be a more rounded welder. When you get out, go to the oil field or power plant installation companies, they are looking for welders. Its hard work but pays well. Starting out you will not make a lot of money as you will have to prove "your worth". And so that you don't build your hopes too high remember that when you get certified in school it will mean only that you can certify. The company that you hire into will require that you recertify (if they require certification) to their specifications. Good luck.
Good sites to take a look at.……
(30+ years welding - certified)

Roy Said:

Psychological Reasons For Avoiding Success?

We Answered:

* Low self esteem (believe they are NOT skilled/talented enough to succeed)

* failure avoidance (believe that even if they could EVENTUALLY learn the skill/get the job, that they could have several failed attempt on the way)

* fear of the unknown (if they've rarely been successful in life, success is a WHOLE new gig - that scares the beejeebers out of some folks)

* avoiding increased expectations from others - (if they succeed, more and more could be expected of them in other areas of life, as well)

~Dr. B.~

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I don't know much about this, but I've read one article recently on the similar topic. It was said that women in welding trades work until they are six or seven months pregnant. I think it depends on how well you take care of yourself and maintain all the safe welding practices to avoid risks.

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