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Best Technical School

Wallace Said:

What is the best thing to go to technical school for?

We Answered:

Construction management.
Starting salary is 50k a year.

I met a guy who has been working for 5 years and was promoted and is making 140k a year

Steve Said:

What is the best technical school to become an electrician in New Jersey?

We Answered:

Check out ITT tech or any Community College in what ever area you live in. Google search your training and you don't have to fill out any questionaire for anyone on "yahoo answers."

Freddie Said:

Is the Hart's dungeon the very best wrestling school for technical wrestling in the world?

We Answered:

It was the best school prior to closing down, if you want to learn the Hart style of wrestling you best bet is to go to Lance Storm's school.


Lance Storm should not be judged by the lack of push WWE gave him. You should look it up yourself. He is a very talented technical wrestler and since Benoit is dead, he is as close to the Hart style you will get.

Renee Said:

Where is the best technical school in the Atlanta,GA. area?

We Answered:

Didnt know that Ga Tech (Go Yellow Jackets) had a deisel mechanics school in house but I guess that is up to par for that type of school. The best place that I have found is Joe Bob's Driving and Repair school for the more challenged people in the southeast. They have a waiting list that you will need to get on because of the huge turn out that they are having with the free peanut butter and jelly sandwiches that they give out for lunch everyday (that is a free meal to people that dont understand), I heard that they are going all out and serving concord grape jelly with peanut butter from the south. I heard that they got a great price on the peanut butter last month so they are being generous by giving out the sandwiches at lunch. So what you need to do is get on the waiting list, save your money, and build up you appeitite. Have a Great Day

Denise Said:

I am a competitive swimmer in high school. What is the best technical suit to get for breaststroke?

We Answered:

I am a male Masters Swimmer.I always thought that a knee length suit was better for breaststroke,but I took the plunge and bought a LZR high neck.Untapered I broke the(my) Zone Record in the 100 BR by .2 sec. So I really like the LZR.I have many friends who have the Blue-70 Nero Comp and really like it.If you get the Nero Comp get the full length suit not the knee length.It is really buoyant and with the knee length I felt like I was swimming up hill.

Harold Said:

Devy University is the best technical school than other state suckers Universities?

We Answered:

Actually Ive been hearing companies don't want to hear DeVry graduates.

Just what I heard

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